Pokemon ratings:
garbage / bad / medicore / good / great / OP

Isshu Pokemon:
Emboar: 6.5/10 good
It’s a good Pokemon with good all around stats & great move set. However, it doesn’t learn any decent fighting moves which he is part of (unless you have to keep it a pre evo longer?) & has a lot of weaknesses.

Cinccino: 6/10 good
Has great attack & speed. And even if it has horrible defense, it’s ‘cute charm’ ability helps a bit with its terrible defense. However, even as a minchino, it’s level up moveset is terrible (with the best it can learn for stab for NORMAL type is slam. Not body slam. Plain old slam at like lvl 43...).

Korokodile: 8/10 great
Very powerful with its ability to make it even stronger & usally goes first. It also gets amazing moves with its lvl up moveset.

Bravairy: 9/10 great
Pretty bulky Pokemon who can dish big damage with a pretty decent learn move pool. Also scary to even try to lower its stats with its ability.

Fethorthorn: 8/10 great
Probably one of the few defensive/wall Pokemon I’d list here. It has decent attack for a wall, & a good ability too for a wall. Fire attacks hurt though (I’ve seen it barely live some from some non stab Pokemon though). It’s typing makes it so only fire & fighting moves are scary so it (fighting not so much due to its great defense & being a good wall + sticky barbs).

Electross: 6/10 good
It has no weakness & decent movepool from pre evolution. However, it is pretty frail & slow. Add on top, it doesn’t get a good stab move for its physical specialty till a long time in eletrik stage.