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. Valentine's Journal .
. . . . . .
Enchiridion . Chapter 3 . Prt 2 .
Chapter 3
Part TWO
The Races Of Barton Town


Although , like Towns Town , Barton can be considered as a mixing pot
when it comes to the species that dwell within it's walls...

It goes without saying that there are some species that reside within
in stronger values, more than others.

.... I will attempt to list off the species that reside within Barton the strongest ...





The Hume race is, without a doubt , the most common and most vast
species of Gaian on this world, of which was almost by-design.

Without going into too much detail right now , the Hume species was
considered weak and pitiful during the time of angels and demons,
before the long-ago war. More sheep than anything else, the Angelic
saw them and attempted the best they could in helping them grow,
learn, and adapt to new situations.... while the Demonic saw them as
little more than useless, barely able to even be slave-worthy. This
disagreement was one of the many key factors that eventually led to
that war.

In the end, just soon after the creation of The Walls , it's said that
GAIA herself blessed The Humes with intelligence all at once, peace
to help cope with the sudden knowledge, and strength to help overcome
the fears that came with it....

.... or so the legend goes ....

In today's world , the Hume race is the backbone of Gaia.
Although spread wide and far, and thus at times looks dwindled in
numbers, it goes without saying that there is no greater force on
Gaia to-date than the population number of this species as a whole.



The Elven are a race of Hume-appeared beings with a few key
physical differences. For starters, there are three types of Elven...

Light , Dark , and Elves

....each with the characteristic ( most of the time ) of sharp and pointy
ears, thin majestic bodies , and unlike most of the Hume race , has
the ability to use magic naturally from birth .... though on a small scale.

-Light Elven
.... The Light variant of the Elven race is a species of lighter-skin-toned
Elven , with small control over nature-related magics naturally. Commonly
known as the average brand of Elven, when most talk of them as a species,
9 times outta 10 people think of this variant.

-Dark Elven
.... Every coin has it's backside, and in the case of the Elven, they are the same.
The Dark Elven are defined with more dark-skin-tones, heavy moreso
upon the blue-to-grey hues rather than outright black or brown. However
its there ability over minds that makes them feared from the get-go, more
than there skin color... as though they are weak in such magics as well,
they have the ability to influence those that are around them. This tends
to turn many of Dark Elven towards the shadier life of crime, however it's
been known that if raised in a non-bias location, Dark Elven are known
to be extremely loyal and physically stronger than the Light variant , in
exchange of a minor deduction of there natural power even more so.

..... Now and again the Elven ( both light and dark ) produce what they
call " The Shortsighted ". This is a cursed slur , to describe magically
mutated Elven. When one is born , it's hard to ascertain it's species
until at the LEAST one year has passed... As they are doomed to a
shorter existence than the rest of there kin. Usually , the Elves are
outlasted .... doomed to die , and considered as freakish beings .

At this point, one of two things usually occur.
Either the child overcomes, and does it's best to become the best
( light or dark ) Elven it can be... though never fully due to there nature.
.... or .....
They are taken care for , and raised with love like any other.

A note : There mutation makes them dwarf-like , small ... with longer
than normal ears , and most of the time born without a NATURAL
affinity towards magic.


Though cruel , and still a commonly talked issue among the species,
there has been at least ONE man in this planet whom has taken
pity and kindness to each and every one of these abandoned...

Santa .

Iconic Ironic , to be sure.... Santa and his " little helpers ".
But Santa's workforce is 100% filled with Elves... for no one else
is willing to give them even a chance.

Every year, at random times, there has been those that represent
both "normal" species of Elven to ... check in , on the Elves.
This is in an effort towards the unification of ALL the species....

.....however to-date, it seems things are still at a stalemate....


Barton Town is known as the birthplace of an old god known
as " LANCER " ....of which to-date is still an active god when
it comes to the day-to-day actions and care of Gaia as a whole.

Not much is known about Lancer overall....
However , be he an actual " god " , or just a human with vast
power , is still unknown.... Mostly due to the fact that he rarely
talks to others , only leaving his messages around about
important topics as Written Word on billboards spread around
the 4 Towns, with Barton being the most active spot to see such topics.

It's rumored that Lancer's wrath knows no fury, sept for the way
of how punishable it is.... in the voice of randomness.

When asked upon further details on what these rumors meen...
.....most just turn the other direction and walk away....





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