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. Valentine's Journal .
. . . . . .
Enchiridion . Chapter 3 . Prt 1 .
Chapter 3
Part ONE
Barton Town


In the world of Gaia , there are many lands ... towns ... places , where
the common traverse and gather. Upon the main continent of Gaia , is
the vast expanse of land named Earthn .... where long-ago wars waged,
common-day gods and goddesses come to rest, and of course the
erection of THE WALLS that make Towns Town.

But there came a time where folk wanted to expand and explore beyond
there limited borders.... and eventually FOUR major towns where formed.

The Port , and Isle , of Gambino
The collection and unification of Aekea
The refuse of the Durem
....and of course....
Barton Town

Of which is of this chapter's focus.



Barton Town , just a small distance north of Towns Town , was
created with one single goal in mind.... Expanse and Explore.

Even during it's first inception , till this very day , walking into
Barton Town is accepting that your journey has JUST began.
As such , it's nickname was " The Town Of Beginnings " , though
none use it as much now-a-days.

.... Just like within Towns Town , Barton is of like a mixed pool
of culture , races , and friendly faces. From the moment I first
walked into it's safe walls , I was already greeted by a kind woman
whom sold flowers and baked goods. And the smell lingers into
every corner .... between the vast amounts of shops like the local
jewellery store , all the way to the Barton Arena .

In-fact , the Barton Arena is the best example of how a town should
deal with issues. See, no place is perfect... that's a given. However,
long ago someone came up with a fantastic system...
Had issues with someone? Wanted to debate about a topic?
Perhaps you just feel like showing off your power and might?
And thus the BARTON ARENA was born.... a place where anyone
from the weak and meek , to the strong and bold , could come to
settle indifference .... prove themselves among others .... or simply
have a good time in battle. With it's history known for fairness,
clean rules and enforcement of said rules, and overall patron-ship ,
for as long as Barton stands.... so too will the pride one could obtain
within it's hallowed inner workings.


Upon viewing the center of town... one might find a small but sturdy
fountain , nicknamed " God's Love " .... for many have found , and
many have lost , in the pursuit of love ...beside this fountain. Though,
usually a very calming place to relax from the noise and bustle of
the rest of the town...... With a single cafe attached to the western

The cafe itself is known simply as " Chat Bar " , however despite it's
eagerly simplistic name .... it's known to have hosted the most
influential gaians and extremely wealthy upper patrons to-date.

This includes , but not limited to , Mr Gambino .... Lancer .... Lea ....
And so many many more. But we will not getting into specifics on
any one important figure at THIS time.



Being such a short distance away from Towns Town has both it's
ups... as well as it's downs. On one hand , its a fantastic defensive
front to protect and assist those in need to ANY front of the land,
as Barton finds itself in almost the center of the mass... This, in
combination with an extremely strong force of guards , has seen
it's fair share of protection, guidance, and influence among those
that decide to live nearby it's borders....

....On the other hand however, with as important as Barton's location
being, it's also subject to almost-near-constant fear of attack from
those that wish to take the town for there own gains...

In truth , even now it's not safe to go alone into the sewers of Barton
Town, as it's a large maze of interwoven pipes, smells, and thieves
that dare to never come out during the day.... for fear of ....

The Barton Guard


For ages , The Barton Guard has defended it's town from all whom
would even bring within it's walls a frown. Be it general assistance
of those in need , or just a casual ear to listen to , the brave men
and women in the service has always been loyal to the ideal that
Gaians deserve to exist in a place of peace.

But none are as loyal, or as strict, to the cause... than Captain Leon.
A tall and bulky-set of a man , this powerhouse leads The Guard
with a kind, but extremely firm, iron fist. Literately. I don't think he
wares much else but his armor. But his unwavering sense of just
and atone for the abidance of the law and rules , makes him sturdy
as stones and a friend to all.... whom abide by the rules.



But despite all the distractions one might find within The Town Of Beginnings ,
Barton Town is known mostly for it's open welcome-ness to all whom seek
help, guidance, and companionship among strangers and friends alike.

Push past the noise and the issues beyond the walls , and you'll
find a town filled with smiles , flowers , and pies .


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