Oof. What a year it has been. I love how in the last entry, I was dating this guy who I thought was amazing. Well.. things didn't turn out so well. BUT I am dating someone else and the relationship has been going for a solid year and a quarter. I believe this is one of my most successful relationships to date and I couldn't be happier. He pushes my buttons like all the time but with all that happened in the last few years, he has been with me and has stuck by me. Hopefully, this one will last but I have been reassured over and over that it will be very hard for me to mess this one up. emotion_bigheart Overall, I've gotten better with handling my anxiety and my depression so I am very proud of myself. I am also proud that I've gone through two and a half years of University without tearing my hair out of my head. I've only had a few breakdowns at this point but honestly, who hasn't? It's University. Anyways, I'm sad that I couldn't keep up with this journal as much as I wanted to, but I think I will throw some entries in every now and then just to vent my feelings. It's surprisingly therapeutic. gaia_diamond