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Entry Log of : Dr. Tyme Valentine .
Personal Log of Dr. Tyme Valentine's day-to-day entries.
Project : GAIA .

Project Gaia .

Among all my research and development sense I've ...
.... " landed " ....
......on this planet, the inhabits call " Gaia ", never once
have I attempted to take any efforts to study any form
of it's culture, species, biological traits, or any of it's
extremely excessive connections to god-like beings.

Like... literately, this planet is like a hot-zone for ground-zero
for just about any good or bad magical being to just do
literately whatever the ********. It's like the gods and devils
that control vast knowledge and power just come here to
vacation... and almost EVERYONE this is par-the-course
by now for a by-annual semi extermination event to occur.

.... However , despite this , I have dug into it's overall lore ...

But THAT , is a topic for another report.


No, today... today began the first step , in what I'm calling Project Gaia.

I have preset the Lab into dio-lockdown containment level 6.

....I highly doubt anyone would care, but overall this will begin
the process of Sin's charge over the entire ward as Head Scientist
during this project. During this time, any and all issues , if any
at all , will be under her discretion during the project's duration.

Further, no NEW subjects , living or otherwise , will be permitted.
....As well as other... per-designed measures to ensure the Lab's care.

Sin's been made aware of her new situation and status.
However the overall protocol of both the nature of the lock-down as
well at the changes it includes will not be made publicly known to
any of the current on-site workers.

....not that many even show up now-a-days anyway...


The overall GOAL of Project Gaia is as follows :

To physically explore Gaia's vast , discovered , lands...
... To document and experiment upon anything I discover or
anything that incites me to do so upon itself.

However, I want to make it ... PERFECTLY clear ...
I do not meen some things.
I do not meen a lot of the things.
I meen it ALL
Every scrap, every species
Every lore, god, devil, links to other planes of beings

..... analyzed , dissected , and studied ....

Painfully , if needed .


I don't expect many to miss me on my journey.
To even those I'm close to, I've become a ghost.

Hell, not many even remembered it was my birthday recently.
....well, as much as one could have a birthday, when your technically just
born of gas and energy , expelled from the birth of ******** everything, but
on loop forever and ever until nothing and repeated time...
But that's just being picky.


Point is , is , that starting today , I will make this journey
and write my findings here in my journal. Nothing will be
spared from my scientific vision... NOTHING ....

..... The only thing I need to think of now , is a starting location ....
....... And something to call the entries related to this project ....

Normally , I'd just call it " project gaia 1 , 2 , 3 ..... ect ect " .
However Sin almost BEGGED me to spice it up a bit.
That if im going to go on this journey, she demanded that I...
Put more of myself into it?

Well, she does have a point I suppose.


I think I should draw the baseline starting point at Towns Town.
My lab is not far from it, so I can go there to begin my studies
as well as supply myself for the journey ahead.

As for the name...

I think I will call the entries.....






. Enchiridion .



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