What to know:
- Daily platinum earning limit per user increased from around 800 ~ 900 soft cap / 950 ~ 1000 hard cap into 1800 ~ 2000 soft cap and 2700 ~ 2900 hard cap. There are also few tiered caps as well ranging around 900 to 1700 area range.

What are soft and hard cap? Soft cap is the early line where the system will lower your earning output. It might be not felt much if you consistenly earning thru small earns, eg: posting, zOMG, LK and such. However, bigger outputs such as daily treat or boost with pink link are chartable for the effect. The most noticeable is the pink link though. You will see a flat gradual down slope in your earning in ratio to how close you are going into the caps, to the point only earning 1 plat after hard limit passed.

- The pooled research result from all my mules so far suggested that by average an user solely using lucky treats for plats (no ads available) and daily chances usually only earns about 1100 ~ 1300 plats everyday or 8K ~ 10K plats in a week at low and if lucky might earned as high as 2100 plat per day or 14.5K plats in a week.

- Expected inflation of the market goes up to 30 ~ 40 percents for regular items (in ratio to value of gcash to buy the item directly), not including if there will be any raise after due to rarity or bonus spending.

Therefore, as reminder to self, the suggested limit to buy Gcash is increased from 56p / 1 GC into 78p ~ 80p / 1 GC instead.