Torrid Vessel
I come in all kinds of sizes.
I can be in a big vessel or a small vessel.
But, who can say I cannot be the inner chisel?
I am made with different types of spice.
Slurp pieces of me
as the soup slightly bounces with the twirling star anise.

Filling the human core.
I have the ability to open the mind, body, and heart's door.
No, I am not something that anyone can quell.
Each bite taken.
The strong senses become wide awaken.
Believe me when I say I can pack a punch.
The cinnamon stick,
follows with its own kick.
The dried tangerine peel,
can only do more damage by adding slight tanginess with its heel.

Last but not least,
do not get me started on the beef.
One of my best companions.
The pure reason I am one of many champions.
As tender it may be,
some of the flavors are absorbed in it just for it to be bitten and bleed.
Here comes the many waves of flavor to savor.

My appearance may not speak poise.
But, I am the product meant for noise.
-Snow that Flutters down like Feathers