Let me sum up the stuffs happened from the time of my last journal till today:
* My boss had a sudden critical sickness and he didn't make it thru. It is very sad for me since I had quite blast of events with him and many great experiences even in just a month working under him. His funeral was a week ago and I could say many others including everyone in my company lost him so much.

* I quit one of my social group due to a reason; Someone in there doesn't like my presence. I asked this person for what reason but there is no clear answer given. I figured it out just few days ago when I gone inside that group again under a disguise. Apparently that person doesn't like me due to I am modding in certain games the group played together. Well sorry sit, I am someone who loves tinkering with stuffs especially PC games. That person is not wrong either if wanted everyone in the group to play legitly. But as wise word often said "One enemy is too much than even 1000 friends". I don't like to stay around and quarreling.

* Just few days after my boss funeral comes another news about the branch office where I work now will be dismissed and everyone will be moved to the main office instead. I'm not sure if it is due to my boss's death or something else instead. But seems things like this shouldn't be sudden and maybe already planned just before my boss gone.

For me, I don't have problem with the dismissal. What I got troubled with is where I moved into. Since the main office location is somewhere an hour of riding motorcycle compared to my current branch which only ten minutes away. That would be 1 hour and 40 minutes spent more on the road going to work and going home after. I DEMAND A RAISE OR COMPESATION FOR THAT!! pirate But seems only small increment will be given. Gah, maybe I should prepare looking for new job. If only the new place is closer....

* My mom's birthday runs so well. Had great dinner together of my mom, me, my sister and her husband. So a tenderloin steak cooked half done, with blackpepper sauce, some chilly, fried onions and soy sauce makes for great combination, huh? I should give this as homemade cook one day.

Anyway, we had a dog-pet event. My sister's Corgi joined the speed eating contest. Sadly, she lose on preliminary. But many others loved to see the corgi so cute.

* Oh btw, I managed to gather the Gaia's custom tickets now. Just need some ideas about what to make. Hmmm perhaps I should ask first what can be made off.

* Have you seen the latest Goblin Slayer anime? Between its manga vs its anime. Somehow the anime depicted the scene where the priestess grabbed by the giant in well... I could say better since it is voiced, yes?

* Added total of 6 new manga series and 3 new web novels / light novels into my reading bookmarks. So many isekai....