Murky White
White and Milky.
I can be defined as universal.
I am commonly eaten.
Easily made.
My color is natural and cannot fade.
My texture can be hot and lethal.
Third degree burns are part of my sequel.

As dangerous I can get,
I am the next best thing yet.
Set me side by side with chicken noodle soup.
I ease the stomach from its vicious loop.
Take away the flu.
Relief is what will ensue.
I'll stick by your side,
whether you want me to or not.
I tend to stay long.
The aftereffects can be strong.
I am not replacement for medicine.
Rather, I am something that quickens it.
Flushing away the toxins.

My body,
Your body,
Become Pristine.
-Snow that Flutters down like Feathers