Wow, can't believe I've actually written 80 of these as the years have gone by, lol.

Anyways, procrastinating math as per usual. Just a review of Taylor series and such from first year Calc 2, but I think I understand it much more this year compared to last year.

Gonna get up early tomorrow (Lol hopefully at least) in order to head to the grocery store and pick up actual food. Then I will do another LM trip on Sunday morning to grab vegetables/fruits.

And the rest of the day I should work on finishing up the FSMs (won't take long now that I have one debounced and functional, I hope...), and also prepping for the math quizzes/circuits quiz. Yikes yikes. Welcome to engineering, when everything is death.

On the other hand, I have 3/4 lab partners secured and also a team for next semester. And I think my lab partner has secured us a PS2 keyboard for the demos? So slightly less things to worry about, especially now that debouncing is out of the way?