Shredded into Ribbons
White is the color you see.
Translucent as can be.

But, I am not easy to read.
One may not be able to identify what resides in me.

It could be veggie
or some kind of meat.

Similar to the former food,
I come with a surprise too.

Pour the sauce.
Watch my skin shine with the fine finishing gloss.
I may fall as you pick pieces of me up.
As many may assume my strength is little to not enough.
Yet, little does anyone know my ribbons do more than fall apart.
There is beauty to me right from the start.

My ribbons can be mesmerizing.
My ability is tantalizing.
Waving across the victim's eyes.
Before anyone knows it, they see the word in red that spell out "d-i-e."
As it chokes you to death with its leaves,
my ribbons act as your new sleeves.
Wrapping the arms and legs closely.
Taking away sight with my "blindfold."

Your breath is final and sold.
-Snow that Flutters down like Feathers