Swaddled Warmth
Many believe they know me.
Yes, a leafy mess.
A wad of nothingness.
But low and behold.
The magic unfolds.
Laughter slowly fades.
My smile is far from swayed.
Drag your hand across my exterior and you will see.
You cannot easily take off the pieces of me.
There is more to me than the average eye can perceive.
The meat and shiitakes have become one with the sticky.
But, that is not all to my deception.
There is a surprise to follow with my exterior.
A sausage to match with my fit of rage.
Red as can be.
How dare many spectators think they can just be the judge of me based on the leafy green?

Do not stop laughing on my account when I wrap my fronds around all your insignificant little necks.

The time is right when I am surprisingly hot.
-Snow that Flutters down like Feathers


Note: Hello Birds of a Feather, welcome to my newest collection! I call this collection the "Kinkie Foodie Collection." So, be prepared to be hungry! In this collection, I will be talking about my favorite foods. I grew up loving all kinds of food and was not much of a picky eater. Then again, I was raised in a poor and abusive family, so I did not have much of a choice. I look forward to writing more poems for you all. Happy Reading! <3