I have dreamed us into mornings
With hot coffee on the table and sun through the blinds
Sand in our hair and on our skin from a night before we spent on the beach

A book
One of many we have taken to reading together
Sharing page after page in nothing but our own quiet company

No words
We don't need to speak.

My hand holds yours
My other holds the book

Your other flips the page when need be
And we are there in this perfect moment

Both disheveled and tired
But so stupidly content

You kiss my cheek
And hug me out of the blue

And I hold you there
We're breathing one another

Like it's the only air left in all the world

I've dreamed us below the moon
With sweat dripping down my lips
And you kissing it off
Only the light of a fire to illuminate us
And the moon

I've dreamed us on the ocean
Fishing for catch to take home to eat

Me preparing a fish to make fresh sushi on the boat with what we've just caught
And then later
Us cooking for one another

Looking up recipes
Adding our own little twists to things we think the other would like

I've dreamed us mourning too
stuck in times of sadness and pain

But there for one another

Even in sorrow
Even in pain

Supporting one another absolutely

Ive dreamed you mad at me
For not taking out the trash or doing the dishes

And getting so frustrated that you throw something at me
And me just scooping you up and throwing you onto the bed and wrestling with you

I've dreamed it all
Entire lives

Entire days in these lives filled with memories all their own

But the dawn is now at break

And waking has broken the dream with the cold harshness of reality

I am weighed dispassionately. A page to turn. A goodbye. An unfinished story that will never be told.

And the chill of a cold that grips in my chest like a freezing hand about all that once glowed with warmth.

In words I will once again reside. In between lines that will fade with age until one day, only memory remains.

Then further on, that too will be gone away.