The Exquisite Peacock
I'm the guide to fashion and femininity.
From the background to the forefront, I arrive when I am needed.
What am I needed for?
Well, I'm the second-in-command aboard this vessel,
Providing maturity and endurance to get through the most difficult of situations.
I am the beauty and the brains,
The lady that, from violence, refrains
And dares to take the reigns,
Sporting an elegant dress when it rains
And holding resolute through the pain.
For you, I can be any type of emotional support that you need.
Need someone to vent and cry to?
I'm your gal.
Need some feedback?
Look no further.
Need a warm body to cuddle you and make you feel safe?
I've got you.
I am here for you.

Do you know what I see in you
that will always stay true?
One of many beauty that resides.
She is the one who has no need or desire to hide.
A lady of her word.
A woman that makes both gender’s head swerve.
Walk that runway.
Strut your stuff.
Because we all know you will never get enough.
Sway your hips to the rhythm.
Your world, your prism.
No need to worry about me being a judge.
Hell, I say you can make art out of an unappealing smudge.
Spread your feathers
and your love and support will keep the family together.
Your elegance and warm presence.
Strength of the colorful and fancy avian.
A blooming flower by far the most radiant.
-Collaboration by: Memory that Haunts like Ghosts and Snow that Flutters down like Feathers


Note: Welcome to my 170th poem, Birds of a Feather! Instead of calling you all "my readers," I decided to change it to "Birds of a Feather." I know I have not written a lot of poetry on the month of October and I feel utterly bad about it. A lot of stuff went down and was unable to write. It does not help when Gaia is going through a lot of maintenence, so I decided to wait until most of Gaia is fixed to post more poetry. Anyways, thank you for your patience and time. I hope you all enjoy this poem and keep on reading my future ones. Happy Reading! heart