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Wanna know how my day was?

iGenis Sage
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Arguing With an Idiot
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So, Lloyd came knocking on my door today while I was busy studying for a math test. I tried to tell him I was busy, but he insisted that the issue was important and he needed my help. I agreed, of course, since he's my best friend, but I ended up regretting the decision. I asked him to tell me what was going on as he pulled me out of the house, but he said there was no time and urged me to jump on the rheaird outside.

As we headed toward the desert he mentioned that someone in Triet was in possession of some exspheres and was selling them to mercenaries. Apparently, Lloyd tried tell him what an exsphere truly is, but the guy wouldn't listen. The two apparently argued for twenty minutes before making a bet. Winner would take the exspheres. At this point, I assumed Lloyd wanted me to try to convince the guy that exspheres are made with human lives, but boy was I wrong...

When we got to Triet, Lloyd led me to the guy, and immediately pointed at him saying, "Alright, Genis. Now tell this guy that lightyears measure distance, not time." I blinked in confusion for a moment before responding. "What..?"

The man scoffed at Lloyd. "I don't see how bringing him here proves your point, but I'll humor you." He turned to me. "Listen, kid. I told your friend here that I wouldn't hand over these exspheres in a million lightyears, but he says lightyears don't mean time. Its got 'years' in it though, so I know its gotta be time. But, he was so sure that he was right that he made me a bet that he could prove it's distance, and I accepted. Now prove it, or leave. You're interfering with my business."

I sighed and turned to Lloyd in annoyance. "You brought me here for this? Why couldn't YOU just explain it to this idiot!" Lloyd looked sheepish. "I only remember it because professor Raine corrected me in class. I don't remember how all that stuff works! You have to tell him. C'mon Genis, it's for the exspheres!"

I grumbled inwardly before turning to the man with an annoyed expression. "One lightyear equals 5.879e+12 miles. A 'lightyear' refers to the distance that light can travel in a year. For instance, if I could travel at the speed of light and were to travel from here to the Orion Nebula, it would take 1,344 years to get there because it's 1,344 lightyears away. If I wanted to go to Proxima Centauri, it would only take 4 years because it's only four light years away. Lightyears are used to measure great distances to other celestial bodies."

The man was stunned as though he had never heard the explanation before and looked at me with utter confusion as I stepped forward and took his bag of exspheres without a word and walked away with Lloyd following behind me.

"I can't believe you dragged me out here for this, Lloyd." Lloyd frowned. "It was the only way to get the exspheres from him! Besides, there's no way I could have explained that to him." I rolled my eyes as I boarded the rheaird. "You could if you'd paid attention in class. I can't believe there's someone that much dumber than you." Lloyd grumbed as he headed back toward Iselia. "Shut it, Genis…"

When I finally got home, it was late, too late to continue studying. I hope I don't do horrible on this test because of Lloyd's stupidity. It's mostly word problems involving mana consumption with spells, so it shouldn't be that difficult...

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