yesterday was such a great day

we went out for breakfast as usual and afterwards we went to go see our new house
i was a bit nervous but the ride there was okay
the house looks pretty and although its big it looks kind of ? small inside ??
im worried that our room is tiny
we might end up literally only having room for the computer desk and the bed
although i am so happy i moved out of my moms place i reallllyy miss my huge room

i did get a dumb anon message in the morning,, i imagine it was amelia of course
after that though i got lots of sweet messages in my inbox from mutuals

the rest of the day i spent it working on some commissions while watching adventure time ;;

and i got such great art in return of one of my characters !!! 2thpaste makes such cute art TT
im so thankful for the cute friends ive made here so far~ 2th and lofi are such cuties akjsnkjav fattykins too ! she found me over on tumblr o:

i also doodled last night too - a couple of my characters
i can't wait to get more cute art of all of them ; v ;