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File Information of Rosella

Basic Information

Full Name: Rosella Valenciar
Nicknames/Titles: Rose,
Gender: Female
Birth: 17 February 1102
Race/Homeland: Vampire -Natural born
Class: Royal

Character Appearance

Hair: Deep Red
Skin: Pale
Eyes: Blue (They turn red when she is hungry or planning to attack)
Markings (Scars, Tattoo's etc): Rose tattoo on her right hip and side
Physical Features: Fangs


General Happiness: Unknown
Social Level: Feared guarded, doesn't let many close
Positive Personality Traits: Protective, Romantic, spoils loved ones
Negative Personality Traits: Doesn't forgive easily, never forgets
Religion/Philosophy: Greek Gods
Favorite Foods: Sweets
Favorite Drinks: Hot Chocolate (spiked with blood)
Favorite Colors: Red, blue, green, black, bold
Dislikes: Rudeness, people without manners,
Hobbies: Sword Training, Dance, painting,

General Character Info

Relationship Status: Widowed
Place of residence: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown

Character Abilities and Proficiency

Favored Weapon: High tech arm bracers that transform into swords
Weapon Skill: Dual Swords
Magic Abilities: Influence/control the will of others (mind control)
Magic Strengths: Super Strength,
Other Information: Can easily slip away in darkness

History is unknown to our agents at this time. This person is highly dangerous. Agents are not permitted to approach alone.