Stream of consciousness after taking it easy this morning and sleeping in, biking to Kroger in the relative coolness (had gloves and hat) and getting eggs and random clearance items and making bomb omelettes with some really good peppers, watching the first half of the newer BFG (great!), and transcribing (oh, and a great Bible study and Gaia in between):

1:04:29 BFG
3:11 PM 2018-10-15

do something with ipfw email!!
3:30 PM 2018-10-15

you can usually get what you want if you hang around the right places--cups from iu custodial games; picture in student section; ptL for His blessings therewith!
3:39 PM 2018-10-15

ashlee's bonfire?
3:49 PM 2018-10-15

edited for privacy
3:51 PM 2018-10-15

samhain halloween: high-functioning bibliophile lol biggrin
3:56 PM 2018-10-15

if i already had one and I bought 8 liek diedrichs, how do i only have 8?
4:12 PM 2018-10-15

elegant hat, pixie skirt, large chest, pucker, glint, etc.
4:25 PM 2018-10-15

finish the porch and do jolly roger
4:41 PM 2018-10-15

get tombstone!
8:07 PM 2018-10-15

star trek 9 stopping time
8:35 PM 2018-10-15