Today was the day I got rid of everything I wouldn't need when I move out. As I was recycling the last of my old clothes, I started to feel this feeling of: "This is so relieving."

I felt guilty feeling this way. I thought keeping things as memories was a good thing for us to keep in small doses, but I was just happy to have it all go. Everyone's situation is different but as for mine; I have been living in this house practically all my life. I had stuff here that I had when I was a teenager or even younger. As much as I wanted to keep the old art, the school books, the cards and so forth; letting them go felt a whole lot better. I felt as if I let go of a very heavy baggage that has been weighing on me since high school. (Maybe some of the items I had were haunted... or not)

My dressers are empty, my book shelf is empty, my closet is empty, my desk is near empty, and its just me and my bed. My room echos now, and I thought I was going to feel more lonesome.. but I feel more clarity in my life.

I feel I can focus more of my attention to what is important in life because I know I got nothing to worry about, or be attached to. Materials apparently make baggage in people's lives I discover. Sometimes its good to minimize if you want to make a new beginning in your life. There is really nothing wrong with getting rid of stuff you got or made when you were a kid, or a teenager, or a year ago. There can be memories in items that causes baggage on our hearts... and materials are not the most important things in life.

I just thought I should share this because this is a very motivating feeling that I don't want to just forget in the midst of the change I am about to go through.