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Entry Log of : Dr. Tyme Valentine .
Personal Log of Dr. Tyme Valentine's day-to-day entries.
Report : New Legs , Day Final .

Final report I'll make on my new " legs " .


Progress is fully furnished.
I'm able to stand, walk, run, swim, grab, write, balance, fight, defend, and kill.

I wont be listing any specifics of any of these.


I've ran the entire pass week to revamp the Lab's settings.
EVERY room, but the private quarters ( bedroom, bathroom , ect ) now
have multiple record-able positions attached... all equipped with the
ability to switch to a various amount of settings from main control.

Main control now has new employment trained to deal with new tech.


Sin decided to finally let free the pet ghost she was caring for.
Something about finally being at peace with itself, and able to
move on. I didn't ask for specifics.


No more sightings of the mystery lady... creature... being.
I was going to give it a temporary name, when it finally struck
me what the missing wording from that file was.


A Eldritch Goddess ?

...... The only truth about the Eldritch that I am aware of, is that
they hail from a pocket universe that they created on there own
to rule and govern the way they desire. Separate from what most
would call " normal " time and space, away from the prying gaze
of God and Goddesses, they live out there lives in solidarity.


Not all, but most, of The Eldritch Races are either chaotic or evil
overall... always looking for ways to go into other planes of
existences beyond there own. As such, Eldritch Beings are
often mistaken as Horrors or Nightmares.... After all, rumors only
spread of the vile and the wicked.

But there are good ones. I was once friended to a Eldritch Being
many cycles ago. He was part of what was known as The Nameless,
a collection of living hive-mind-like possessed robotic lifeforms. Each
robot was it's own creature... yet at the same time, linked with the
hive-mind. ....But that is for another time to talk about , perhaps .


Why was this so-called " Eldritch Goddess " locked in a room
that appeared in my Lab, covered in signs to only enter when
alone... as if just meant to be either experienced, or left forgotten?

Does this being have a name, or purpose?

I don't think I'm in danger. Would have killed me already if I was.
Plenty of times I was weak... And yet, she was spotted messing
with my Vat while I was at my VERY weakest.

....Up to something? Or perhaps just playfully interested... ?


Sadly , more questions only arise , with no clear answer.
Doub't i'd be lucky enough that they fall into my lap either.

In the mean time, I might consider re-studying Eldritch Lore,
known through the Gaian's perspective. And then after, might
be best to ask those I know to see if they are aware of such
logic as well. Hopefully , they are not , but wouldn't hurt to ask.








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