got up this morning and mom announces all these chores "we" have to do.
that is her, dad and me.

no forewarning really.

she's got bronchitis and yesterday got steroid shots in her fingers because they lock up. and she's high from the steroids (manic, flushing, etc etc).
and she thinks today is a good day to do these things.

last night she was obnoxious. super emotional over nothing. she blamed it on the steroids. maybe that's so.
i guess i should be glad she doesn't drink. because i think alcohol would make her like that too. ><

after scraping thru yesterday. awkwardly.

today is gung-ho do ALL the things. because mom wants to.

yeah there's no asking.

she wanted to put up curtains (since we had them all down since the windows were all replaced).
it's dark in here now.

i want to complain. but i have to keep my mouth shut.

she was telling me how to hang the curtain rod. and i said "i know, i took them down." and she shot me a look like "how dare you speak."
all i wanted to do was tell her i knew what she wanted. but all i got was nastiness.

some other things like that have happened today.
how dare i even say a word.

she says that's how we treat her. or implies it. but. like.
i think her treatment may have conditioned that kind of response from me?
or, maybe there is nothing wrong with how i react to her, she just isn't reading it correctly.

reminds me. every time i say something, her answer is "no, it's xyz".. but she really reiterated what i just said or asked.
like, she didn't hear or process what i said, assumed it was wrong, and filled in her own words, which is just a rephrasing of my content.

i'm very frustrated and annoyed today.