woke up today to a chilly morning (its in the 40s) where i'm at but the sun is out and it looks like an awesome fall day, minus the uber cold weather. the roomie and i had a huge lunch and i'm still feelin' full lol. i haven't got s**t done today and not sure i'm gonna get anything done to be quite honest w/ myself. may still hit the gym later tonight tho, at least there's that. been using up some extra gold to play rigs since i haven't had time to search for items to invest in longer term. plus rigs are fun (sometimes). was pretty excited coming back a few months ago in july to gaia but i can see how loggin' on everyday doin' pretty much a whole lotta nothing can push people off the site from tiem to time. still glad i got friends to talk to at least xd considering a hiatus, which is why i've been converting some of the gold i have to items that i can pawn off next time i'm more active. hoarding used to be a thing way back when, but probs not so much now. im rambling. lol my b