Practice Writing Day 1 :

Short Story of a Young Goblin Girl Whom Wants to Falls in Love.

Written in the perspective of the Girl/mostly me "finding" her diary and here I am reading it because im a piece of sh-greatness, to share my discovery.

Note* ( sgag ) are my thoughts.


Dear Dairy,
Today I found something interesting while cleaning out my closet. Oh! sorry, forget to introduce myself.
(Why are you introducing yourself in your own diary?! Explanation is needed! isn't this supposed to be a secret?! anyway sry.)
I'm Rin! Rin obl, pronounced as "o-bu-lurl" (HOW?!)
What I found was a list I made with my friends back during high school!
A checklist of the perfect man!
( people really do this?)
Funny though, never thought I would be able to find