At first, I wanted to make this Journal about how I got back into Gaia after about 10 years, but the system was a bit messed. A few entries lost, and that kind of discouraged me.
Well, here's the second attempt.

Backtracking back to a week or so ago, it was an experience to be sure.
The economy change was something I had heard a few months prior, I think, but seeing that I'm basically a multi millionaire now was quite the shock still. I still remember a time when many of the item cost in gold what they cost in Platinum now.
Fishing is still the same old fun, tho. Wish I was more patient and don't just click off to watch some YouTube video every few casts.
The Rally is almost identical, down to the people who frequent there. Not sure if it was ironic or not, but someone said "rawr XD". ...
The Aquarium is cool. I get to call my goldfish Lovecraftian names of the Old Ones. Though only goldfish get that treatment. I call tghe more exotic ones very common names, like Bill, Tim or Joe.

The people I have met are a mixed bag. But then again, I'm not the most social person around. I have trouble starting a conversation.

So, yeah. Jounal entry 1 done. Look forward to more.