So I was in a school field trip visiting Korea. I was really excited to see Myungsoo who happens to be my friend in this dream. Myungsoo has his own office like a boss of some company in this dream. There was a girl whom was my classmate and I wanted to introduce to her who Myungsoo is. But first things first, we were having a meal, me and my school mates and we have to line up on the counter to get our food. There are lots of tall and handsome boys in front of me and behind me but I ignored them since in my mind, I only wanted to see Myungsoo. After eating, I went straight away to his office with my friends to see Myungsoo. When we met him, my friends were squealing. In this dream I know how to float and run around on the walls like a ninja. And yes, this happens every time in my dreams. Myungsoo said something about how I am fit to be a ninja while mentioning my name. And I looked back at him with perplexed eyes, then he gave me instructions. It is to protect the fishes in a plastic bag. He gave me fresh water pet fishes, kois and goldfishes. There is one dead fish tho idk why and one that is almost ready to give up swimming. Now, his task was for me to catch one more fish in a river far away from where his office was located and bring it back to him in one day so then I started my mission. In this mission tho we encountered brain challenges like when I reached a certain area, teachers would ask us questions about what we saw in our field trip. I was thinking Myungsoo was behind all this. Then after I answered them, I went to catch a fish near a shallow river and I managed to catch 3 kois. 1 small one and 2 medium size one. After that, when I went back to his office it was already 00:00 so what was on my mind was I was too early so I went to find where I was gonna sleep and hurried to the hotel. However, the plastic bag bursts and the water was overflowing I quickly covered the hole with my hand and eventually re tied the plastic bag but i felt sorry for the big kois since they were almost out of water. The next day, I gave the fishes to Myungsoo but he said there were 6 checklists I should have done during this trip, all in all i passed 3 tasks, the fist one is to collect a fish but he said, “I told you to get only one more fish doe.” Then the second one was cooking, “Oh, you failed in cooking actually since you didn’t cook yesterday and ignored the kitchen.” The third one was okay but i forgot what it was written. The fourth one was to pass a test about neurology in which I passed then the rest I forgot but they were checked by Myungsoo. And then he said I didn’t pass to become a ninja but he said, “It’s okay, at least you tried your best.” And still I would feel butterflies in my stomach when I look at him everytime and that made me happy and I approached him and linked my arm on his.

(This dream doesn’t make sense but I was happy about seeing Myungsoo again.)