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if ya didn't read my status earlier i'll tell ya again here, i got my last exam back and i scored above the average! that's super confidence boosting for me, especially when my mentality for the longest time has been "strive for the average."

sorta questioning why that's been my mentality, and what kinds of things have led me to thinking striving for average is "good enough." i guess it sort of revolves around the idea of motivation itself and what motivates me to move forward in school, my career, life, etc.

i've been working a lot harder the past couple months and it's nice to see the hard work paying off, but now ive been thinking "what can i do to be better" and all that yadayada. i think what's been working for me has been taking my schedule a week at a time, breaking it down to a main goal or two a week and slowly chipping away at those throughout the week.

anywho, starting to believe i'm actually right where i'm supposed to be, which i'm happy about

ps, i changed the format of this post to include my little link avatar, thumbs up for that alone

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