Beyond the Autumn Trees
Above the flaming trees and the rustling leaves,
you may see the full moon blooming bright as it will ever be.
On the moon,
there is an exquisite woman who goes by the name "Chang'e."
You see,
she was not always known as the immortal woman on the satellite.
Before her forced flight,
she was a mortal like you and I.
As graceful as can be,
early departure was her last option to seek.
An elixir of immortality
only amplifies the greed and the answer to escape reality.
Either way,
she did it for the sake of humanity.
In the wrong hands,
chaos would be the Earth's end.
Whether it was done by the hands of a tyrannical emperor
or a greedy apprentice,
Chang'e would always be the one to sacrifice.

For every full Autumn moon at the end of September,
her heroic actions will always be remembered.
Fruits and sweets are offered.
Lotus seed paste moon cakes filled with salted duck egg yolk.
Cassia wine drunk under the thin layer of floating lantern smoke.

Prayers are made.
The lunar rabbit's medicinal works never fade.

Blessings are waiting to be given.
Wishes for immortality, beauty, and happiness.
All within the burning of an incense.
This is a tradition that makes my race feel like life is worth living.
-Snow that Flutters down like Feathers


Note: Hello my readers, Happy late Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. It was on September 24th. Better late than never. heart I look forward to writing more poetry. Who knows? Writing about the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival might be the next yearly poem idea next to my Fall/Autumn poems. Happy Reading!