Eerie Cold
Imagine this.
A nice stroll along a path with nothing but silence.
Tree branches gently swaying to the beat of dear Mother's warm heart.
The leaves pulsing lively as their veins are one in the same as hers.
Many would think that nature has such an attractive and quiet demeanor.
Displaying her colors at the right time.
It is no wonder she is so divine.
Showering us with the many colors of the earthly harvest.
Who other than her knows what is best?

The next thing they know
It is already dark.
Just in an instant.
One would think Mother is going to grace them with a light show.
But, they forget.
Mother is not the one to be giving just a nice surprise.
She has the ability to turn against anyone who think they can defeat her in their uprise.
In her turn, she can control any leaf.
Make anyone say, "I no longer want to be here and breathe."
Rattle the trees, causing them to creak.
Make the bold ones knees weak.
Rustle the leaves.
Make children question if what they heard is true to their belief.

To add insult to injury,
places an exquisite leaf that many admire in front of the unsuspecting victim.
Joke's on them.
They slipped and bruised a limb.
Gentle flaming leaves do not look as vibrant as before.
She pours flaming leaves all over them.
Allowing the leaves to gracefully slice away.
A blur of red and decay.
The owl stares at the situation and hoots with dismay.
-Snow that Flutters down like Feathers


Note: Happy Fall/Autumn, my readers! heart I hope you all enjoy this new addition to my Fall/Autumn poetry collection. biggrin Again, thank you for the support and patience with me. I have a surprise coming up! And, I definitely do look forward to writing to you all when I am ready to present it. Happy Reading!