False Angels
Angels are known to be pure.
I mean, what can go wrong with beings who are the definition of allure?
You see them in paintings.
In the lines of museums you sit or stand waiting.
Flawless skin.
Almost as if it was porcelain.
Eyes filled with light.
How can the perfect beings of flight
be such failures?
No, I am not talking about me.
I am talking about the opposite who possess nothing but greed.
Those that focuses on trickery.
Putting those in misery.
Convincing their superiors.

"What can my angel do wrong?"
They do so much to present their beautiful song.

"Did they wrong you so much?"
They offered the "best" when they watched my parents pick my brain for lunch.

"I do not believe you."
Of course you do, what else can you say that is not the truth?

But, they can believe in these fools.
I do not need to convince anyone else in these pointless duels.
I'll take my leave while they stay in the dark.
The beauty is in the denial.
What would a woman that dealt
With basically all the -philes
Numerous sociopaths
Almost died many times while dealing with my parents wrath
What makes these angels different from them?
There is no difference.
None as I can recall as they all show nothing but their dark and disturbing faces of pleasure.
Just make sure they all drink enough of your poison.
I did not need more than a year
to realize that they just want to do nothing but play alpha and induce fear.
-Snow that Flutters down like Feathers