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Ryo's Travels
My life & journey through MY eyes.
27 has been quite the journey...and now that it's over...what's next?

To be honest, last week was one of the best birthday weeks I've had in a really long time. Nothing particularly special happened, but it really touched my heart that quite a few people that I love so dearly took it upon themselves to make sure that they celebrated my birthday with me.

Monday - 9/17

Monday, Derrick and I did a happy hour and were able to catch up. I think I mentioned it here, but I really thought he hated me after that time I attend his little event a few months back. We actually hadn't seen each other since, but luckily Derrick isn't that kinda guy. I also discovered that Meredith and Craig had their baby, a boy, Cade James Hamblin born on 9/15. Exciting s**t. heart

I actually went to Philly that Sunday to get my medicine and decided to work from there on Monday and head back Tuesday morning. Blake was actually returning from his honeymoon that Monday but I knew he'd be working from home.

Before heading up to Philly on Sunday, I ended up hooking up with homeboy on Cindy Ln. The Haitian with the big a** d**k, after not seeing him in about a month plus. He's been really busy trying to get s**t together for a house he recently purchased in SE. People are really doing it out here.

Tuesday - 9/18

I was supposed to attend a webinar about self-discipline, but unfortunately my dinner and hangout time with James ran pretty late. Alas, James and I did dinner at Eggspectation, he came and picked me up around 6:30pm, and we went to Silver Spring. The food was actually lackluster (and might've been lackluster the first time I went there with my sister a few months back) but I was just happy to spend time with him. After that we shopped (of course). I bought a few pieces and he dropped me off at my place after 11pm. It was late...and I was tired AF, especially since I'd been up since around 4am xp

Wednesday - 9/19

Wednesday was my dinner with my work crew. I was super happy when Kayla and Beza suggested that we do a dinner for my birthday and Beza was nice enough to give me a list of suggested restaurants to choose from. I narrowed it down to Barcelona or Filomena and she choose Barcelona on 14th St. After work, I drove Beza, Kayla and Langston to the restaurant.

Barcelona is a cute, and popular, tapas restaurant. The food was good, we had a great time and I was happy to be out with these crazy kids.

The night I ended up hooking up with some cute guy who's name escapes me. He was light skinned, around 6'2 with a nice toned body and really attractive face. And I really enjoyed his vibe and aura. He told me he was originally from Philly but was recently moving back to Philly from Ohio. He's a real estate broker who apparently just got out of a relationship. I ended up spending the night with him and going home the next morning.

Thursday - 9/20

I worked from home this day too. I ended up going to back light skin boy's hotel room. We hooked up again, it was great and then I left. He was due to check out the next morning. I need to text him, tbh. Maybe he'll want to go on this weekend trip with me lol Who knows.

Friday - 9/21 - Bday heart

I was supposed to do happy hour with my sister and then dinner with her and Bilal. Friday was actually really busy and I didn't really work. I had a furniture delivery, mom and Rob bought me some a couch, bed frame and chair for the home. I worked out at the Planet Fitness and therefore missed the happy hour part, but I was early for dinner at Filomena in Georgetown with Bilal, Khalia and Jirae...or so I thought.

I was the first one there, Khalia and Jirae were around the corner and came a little afterward. I checked in at the desk and they said the reservation was for 5 people. I knew I iterated to Bilal earlier that it was to be a reservation for 4 so maybe I just assumed he was stupid. Anyway, Bilal gets there, we get seated and then the guy tells us that we're going to have to wait just a little longer because there's a 5th person. I was like, "Wheeeettttt? A fifth person??? Who could it be?" and I turn around and it's Marlon rofl

To be honest, I wasn't expecting to see him and I'm mildly impressed that he someone found his way to being a part of my birthday although I didn't invite him.

Alas, the dinner was bomb and expensive AF. I honestly felt kind of bad that I had everyone go to such an expensive restaurant. I think the bill was like...$660 or something like that...and we only had the five entrees and four cocktails....and four desserts sweatdrop Anyway...I can't wait to get back to have my leftovers.

One highlight of the dinner (besides the amazing, authentic Italian food made from scratch) are the two large glass vases filled with liquor. One was Sambuca and the other was amaretto. Bilal took the Sambuca...although I don't think we were supposed to...but hell...after paying over $600 for dinner...why the f** not. Bilal also impressed me by paying for the entire bill with his credit card and allowing everyone to venmo or cashapp him monies. Twas a moment. heart

Afterward we took a few pictures and I drove Marlon and Bilal home. As much as I would've loved to get wasted off the Sambuca we took, I had a flight to catch at 10am the next morning. Not to mention, everyone else worked and Bilal had an earlier flight to catch to Indianapolis.

All in all, the birthday week was definitely much better than it had been in years past. I'm happy that I was able to get away for a bit (which I will write all about Miami next) and I'm happy that people actually gave a f** this year.

In other news, after this trip is over, I really need to get my life together. Kick s**t into high gear and start getting things accomplished. Starting with the Datascience program and this second job. My credit card statement has inflated to $5.5k. So this is getting aggressive. I need to finish paying for this Thailand trip and get it!

More to come.

One Love. heart


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Music: "So Good" - Destiny's Child from Writings on the Wall

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