Ever choose to not say anything when it was important that you did? Ever rpretend to be happier than you actually were? Chances are that you answered yes to either one or both of those. I've done both way too many times and I just wanna know why?

Why is pride so potent? You'd think it'd be easy to ask for help when you need it, but for some of us, it feels cringey and awkward. My best friend picked up on the fact that I may not be as 'ok' as he thought and asked about it. Of course, I tried to keep it light while still explaining a fraction of what's happening.

Part of it is that I don't want people to think I'm helpless or utterly irresponsible. Another part of me doesn't want people think I'm just making excuses. s**t happens a lot in my life, just like many others. But maybe it's so much that at some point, I feel that people would feel I'm exaggerating or just constantly complaining. I've felt that way about myself before, so I know if I were to vent all of my issues to someone, they'd more than likely get annoyed.

Having friends is tricky, and I have very few left, so I'm not trying to run them away...ya know?