Numb space, numb feeling.

Numb feeling, an impression you had given.

Tears trying to shake up through your eyelids but laugh in stead of pouring out those soft ones out of the cozy hidden spot.

The soul uplifted, smiling like no other day, no yesterday and no tomorrow.

The moment what mattered.

Walking in the store with nothing but expecting to know the price,

the price of what they would pay in stead of you in a matter of your own state of mind,

what mattered, the action expecting the right reaction.

What matters, what you do and no one else. Toddlers falling off their monkey bars,
wondering why this had to pull on their life time.
Laughter if needed from a witness.

No denying to help but laughing for the same matter and reason.

You started your brain wave, your thought, I never called out for it.

But you thought elephants hopping on the wheel right next to the spiderweb.

Funny the way things work out when calculating notes and chords on the guitar's soft neck.

Like seeing visible only to you, the ecuations of the answer of your own question.

Haha, accurate.

Where you lead your self is the path of thought.

Love thoughts, dimb thoughts, whatever may occur to you, what ever did.

You still fell off the bars, and to avoid it I never intended.
Laughing through the inside with all this dim light in my soul.

I don't know what to say, but lending you a hand, sure.

Cover me in a white sheet of love, empathy and with gratefulness
love me with a single action of a hug and crying on my shoulder,
I would accept even if you hated me while leading your thought trail on to nearly breaking your bones on the metal bars.

Laugh together for now.

We could be the last living souls some day if you get to deepen in my web.

Last living souls.

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