So, here i was, transferred to a different school because of circumstances with my sister. New environment. Hah. Very nice... I don’t know these people, well, except for my cousin. So I was the talk of the school cause they think it’s weird to transfer schools in the middle terms. And so, people asked me where I came from. (BTW, this school is private so there aren’t many students.) These people tried to figure me out. In one class, I accidentally stepped on someone’s foot and later on they called me “question mark” since they think I was always “Out-Of-Place” like I was alienated. Anyways, there were still some nice girls wanting to talk to me. They were asking, “Hey, do you have someone you fancy in class?” That, I don’t have the answer. Well, I do have an eye on this charming boy and it was because he introduced himself to me with his charming smile and he was well known for his piano skills. He was friends with my cousin, that’s why. But these girls were saying that there was also this other guy who got it all. Looks, brains and everything. I was like, “Who are you talking about?” They then asked me to wait for him near the gate entrance so they would point out who that guy is. This happened during classes was over in one afternoon of my first week in class.

And surely, when this guy passed by, he was surrounded by his gang of friends and even girls are eyeing on him. I was like, okay. I was thinking the charming guy was better. The next day, I wanted to see this “popular” guy’s face up close. So there I was sitting quietly on my chair which was located at the back of the 5th column. This “popular guy” was also seated at the back on the 3rd column. When I tried to look sideways where he was seated, I was surprised he was staring at me but he looked away immediately when we met eyes. I just ignored it but now I know why he was popular, it was because he had perfect features. Lol

Later on I got a crush on this “popular” guy because he was a bit awkward when he talks to me. IDK why....

Also the people around us noticed this, even the teachers. This guy was also liked by the faculty since he’s smart and won trophies.

There was this time where we have to shuffle our seating arrangements by drawing out paper from a ballot box. It was like arranged that me and that guy were to be seated beside each other. I was thinking our homeroom teacher did that on purpose to the extent that I was the target of Jealousy. I actually don’t want to have any romantic relationship during these days since in my last school, I broke up with someone there. In my mind that time, I only wanted to focus on my grades and my gaming hobbies or anime hobbies. It was during this time when I was very interested in anime stuffs and learning how to draw them. So this guy noticed my interests since, well, he sat besides me. I also noticed he always smiled at me when talking to me. It was adorable IMO. But i was thinking, “I should not fall for his charm since he have fangirls I have no match with.” We also compare our test results. It was fun. Yes, this is why the people asked me questions like, “Did he asked you out already?” It was news to my ears. It was because he held a birthday party in which I was invited but went home after 10pm. I was such a good girl. Lol and my classmates expected something to happen between me and that guy. I was like, “No way in hell he’d ask me out!” I was just a plain girl who doesn’t wear makeup or dresses fancy clothes. I could never believe them that this guy liked me.

There was an event about wearing traditional costumes from all over the world, and guess what? Me and him was chosen as the 1st place for male and female. We were paired to be wearing an Indian costume. I was really nervous that time and I was deaf with all the squealing in the gym. Because it was held in the gym. I know I was so red that time but I thank the heavens I wore a net mask like Indian girls do so that no one would notice. Ahhh... forgot i was wearing Indian makeup this time. People would casually take photos of me with their digital cameras. I feel so popular that time. lol

A new school year started and we were seniors. We were in different classes so it was awkward to try to get a conversation with him but he got my number. I just don’t message him myself. Rather he would send me “quotes” lol it was a thing before. When we met outside our classrooms he would greet me with a smile and I would feel awestruck and blush really hard that I cannot breathe or something, so I tried to pass by him so fast and asking myself what was wrong with me. And it was during this time that I noticed I do liked him in a romantic way. lol

So actually at the start of our new year as Senior High School students, there was an event called, “Dress Me Like A Princess” my classmates forced me to be a candidate and lo and behold the prince was that guy! And he chose me to me his princess then he kissed me in front of the whole school population i was like o//////o I was dazed to the point that my knees almost gave up on standing but he held on to me. Like seriously dood? What have you done?! I just don’t have the confidence in myself.” I’m just plain and don’t do anything particular to make myself pretty.” As I thought to myself. Lol that was what I was thinking. Then he gave me a box of blueberry cake and a bouquet of red roses to show me how much he appreciated me, I think. The cake was delicious.

His birthday was on Feb 14 (no kidding) and he invited me again, this time, he wanted me to get in his room. But I said, “No, it’s a boy’s room. I can’t just enter a guy’s room like that!” There was this girl who is super infatuated with him so i asked without flinching, “Why not ask (insert girl’s name here) instead?” I was really not thinking that I broke his heart because I was hoping for this girl to check out what he has in store for me in his room. Instead I did broke his heart. He gave the girl ballons, roses and chocolates instead of me. The girl said that it was really for me but I said, “I couldn’t accept them.” Then I went home since my mom picked me up after 12AM that time. Not knowing what happened to the party until morning. They said he was drinking a lot because they said I broke his heart and he got wasted. I was so cruel. I just know this but I was thinking it was all for the best.

And then prom came, I felt like this would be the last time we were gonna be close with each other. He was trying to practice with me but I would just grab someone random to dance with me instead. (Now that I think about it, he was always rejected by me. He was just the popular guy even girls from other school fancies him.) My escort was a different random guy who also liked me and gave me a teddy bear. This guy dedicated a song for me during an event with his rock band. I was in everyone’s attention that time. I sank deep in my chair to hide myself that time and pretended to play my phone. It was embarrassing.

Anyways, during this prom event. When it was time for us to have our last dance. I saw him in the corner of my eye talking to the DJ and when the song played (Misic queue: High School Musical “Can I have This Dance”) he rushed to where I was seated, bowed politely and offered his hand to me. Everyone was looking at us. I was really shocked, but I happily accepted his hand. During the slow dance he was about to ask that question I always try to avoid. He was so close and I was hoping he didn’t hear my heart beating so fast. I know I was really flustered that time, I didn’t try to look at his face. Then thinking back to the past events, I frankly asked him if he was dating “another girl” in his class since they were all talking about how he always spent his time with her in the Science lab together. (This girl was encouraging me to be with him since she said that he confessed that he liked me to her. She even tried to arrange a date between me and him. I actually ran away from that date. I was so bad! He’s. Just too perfect for me. Lol) But he said, “No.” Maybe because I was just playing dense that time but he really held me tight during the slow dance. Too bad I had a chaperone, my mom, that time. I could have had a love confession from him. When we parted he hugged me tight and offered his “Vans” brand frock coat to me to cover my bare shoulders because of my gown. It was cold that time. He was such a gentleman. I only offered him my friendship even though he was like the center of my affection since I was only thinking about my future and not with him. Since I know we were gonna part ways in our latter life and we did. So that’s how this long anime-like one-sided story ended. Actually it was a bit depressing xD but meh. I found boyfriends after him. He was just too precious to be discarded as my ex-boyfriend. Does that makes sense? Lol