Been so tired and so busy lately. Got a lot accomplished today, although, I forgot to rotate gram. So, the bed sore got worse on the side she was on all day. Idk if it's doing better or worse, overall. I know wounds but Idk bed sores. It's different. I think it's getting better but I could be wrong. Idk, sometimes I think I'm doing good with her and sometimes I feel like a helpless fool. The biliary tube keeps clogging up every time I turn around. I've had to aspirate it like 6 times in almost a week. I recently did some research on biliary tubes and I'm supposed to be freakin flushing it everyday to prevent clogging! How has NOBODY known that?! Not even the hospital told me or knew. When gram went back to get it changed out, I had to teach the nurses what to do with it, they had no clue. The hospice nurse doesn't know either, she's going to be bringing a saline syringe to flush the bag half of the tube. Yes, granted, it does need flushing but that's not the side that's getting clogged. She tried to aspirate the tube, nothing would come out and she said the bag side must be clogged. If it is, why is nothing coming out of the other side... You know? It's stupid. And, normally, the biliary has an attachment called a 3 way stopcock valve. It's so you can attach the saline syringe without having to unscrew the bag. So now, I'm going to have to tell the nurse all that and hope she believes me and brings the supplies pronto! My question is, if you're a hospice nurse and your patient is having problems with a clogging biliary that's still leaking bile around the tube... Why are you not researching other tactics? She even talks to the Dr... How does the Dr not know what to do? Why has the Dr not looked further into it? What is wrong with all these people. Gah, I wish I had the authority to do all this crap myself and get all the supplies. This is ridiculous! I'm just hoping I don't get a whole run around.