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Take Note: I'm only doing this (typing information on the rigs I get) for
everyone to know and see which Rigs grants which item(s). I'm also
doing this because I want to re-read and keep the story / plot (if there
is one offered for the Gaia players to see and enjoy reading).

I have no intentions of whatsoever to gain popularity and/or achieving
any status as a "Gaia Informant" and the likes.

Do enjoy ~

- - - 🚧 UNDER MAINTENANCE 🚧 👷 - - -

User Image Runic Challenge
User Image

Summer showers - you can never predict them. Thanks to inclement weather, our friends
Radio Jack and Kanoko are stuck inside Dernier Cri with nothing to keep them entertained.
Their boss, Brennivin, suggests a friendly board game to keep them busy as the storm

User Image

User Image Runic Challenge...
User Image

Of course, nothing is ever as it seems with Brennivin. With a cryptically uttered spell, he
transports them into the world of his favorite game board game, Runic Challenge. To make
matters worse, it seems the only way back out is to complete the game! Who or what will
our favorite trio from Dernier Cri will see along the way?

User Image

User Image Sweet Streets
User Image

How Delicious! You’ve found yourself in a darling little game called Sweet Streets. In this
scrumptious adventure, you and Rina must race your way through tasty locales such as
Peppermint Park and Sundae Strip! Be the first to make it to the end!

User Image Money & Honeys
User Image

In this game you must maintain a high enough GPA to graduate with honors, find a way to pay
off your astronomical student loans, and somehow accumulate enough millions of monies to
maintain relationships with the aforementioned honeys. Good thing your boy Liam is here to
help as your wingman.

User Image Dead Giveaway
User Image

You won’t find any ridiculous, supernatural mumbo-jumbo here! Just good, old-fashioned
murder. Was it the revolver in the billiard room? Or the bust of Julius Caesar in the breakfast
nook? Help Louie catch the killer and survive this dinner party of the damned, or you may
never leave Hill House...

User Image Biopsy
User Image

Water on the brain? My oh my, Biopsy time. You don’t need a medical degree to master this
gutsy game, but it will require a steady hand and a strong stomach! With help from Stein,
disassemble your patient with care if you want to put him back together again... Or not?!?!

User Image Wager of War
User Image

Forget love, LIFE IS A BATTLEFIELD! In this game you have occupy every territory on the map
and eliminate all opposing forces! With Sam’s help, strategically place your army and watch
as your enemies sink one by one! The world is yours!

User Image Fail...
User Image

P-Peyo?! Oh boy looks like Peyo wants you to stop what you’re doing and play hungry
hungry duckies. You can’t you say no to that face, no really you can’t...

User Image

Oh no! You pulled the go straight to jail card! Do not pass go...

User Image

Looks like you need to have a few words with your friend about cheating.
Brennivin, I’m checking that word in the Dictionary!

User Image

Uh-OH, Radio Jack trouble? I guarantee this is the craziest
trap you’ve ever seen!

User Image

WOAH, Radio Jack is a REAL sore loser! Better run, before its
more than tables he begins breaking!

- User Image Go Goldfish
- User Image GAU-3 Sasha
- User Image Reversi Tragedy
- User Image Crystal Tree of Cyndor
- User Image Star Pointer
- User Image Stag Companion
- User Image Lovely Lovely Lady
- User Image Settlers of Gaia
- User Image Marble Bubbles
- User Image Aeroglider
- User Image Charming Bowler
- User Image Questionable Beards
- User Image Passionate Knight Venus
- User Image Hanafuda
- User Image Cask of Tamarins
- User Image Pinky Piglet
- User Image Frolicking Pastel
- User Image Risky Crusade
- User Image Gift of the Stars
- User Image Wandering Hermit
- User Image Sultry Heart Lantern
- User Image Peter Pan
- User Image Captain Bismarck