Take Note: I'm only doing this (typing information on the rigs I get) for
everyone to know and see which Rigs grants which item(s). I'm also
doing this because I want to re-read and keep the story / plot (if there
is one offered for the Gaia players to see and enjoy reading).

I have no intentions of whatsoever to gain popularity and/or achieving
any status as a "Gaia Informant" and the likes.

Do enjoy ~

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User Image Midnight Citadel
User Image

An ominous tower has appeared, casting the city into a perpetual nightfall. From within this
new darkness an ominous fog has appeared, bringing monsters that have been wreaking
havoc among the people. A lone heroic soul named Shin has chosen you to assist him in
exploring the tower to locate the source of it’s evil and purge it from the world!

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User Image Midnight Citadel [ ENCOUNTERs ]
User Image

Your first encounter is with the ferocious Bunrin Carrotto! How can something so cute be
causing so much destruction? Moreover, how come all starter level monsters are so
perfectly adorable?!

User Image

You’ve made it to the next level of the tower. A new ominous figure appears; the fearsome
Shadow Eater has challenged you! Be swift to take down this ghostly enemy...

User Image

You’ve reached the next level, but don’t celebrate yet. You’re about to face the deadly
Chimera. His attacks are unpredictable, so be prepared for anything!

User Image

You’ve reached the top of the tower. You’ve discovered the source of the fog -- Midnight
Violeztin. Can you and Shin tame this beast and free the world from endless nightfall?

User Image Midnight Citadel [ FAIL ]
User Image

The tower may still stand, but you don’t. Try again?