No title for the entry.

-Got a lot of stuff to work through. Hopefully my brain is up for it. Tomorrow, ideally I will finish up the C++ lab during practical time, and also tmr is a time to catch up w/ human beings. but also like, i have 5 lectures tmr, meaning all the homework for those classes i will end up being behind on (rip meeeee), so let's see how far ahead i can get.

-Bought the circuits textbook at the bookstore today, $142 rip me, but i got the access code and everything set up ok, so hopefully it'll be fine. maybe i'll keep it instead of selling it to a younger student. it's a nice book.

-book smokers on friday, hopehopehopeFULLY I will be able to get advanced eng math + digital systems there

-in other news, i suck at programming so im already scared for the harder labs && for the midterm... yikeyike

-im also hungry but dont know what to eat. probably either the pear or i will fry an egg.