I visited my cousin’s house and when I arrived there there were a lot of big canvases on the wall and one of my cousin, named John, was painting on them. IDK what he was painting but I think they are very beautiful. The way he brushed on the canvas looked very professional like how my dad swing his brush strokes. I wonder if he’s going to sell them.

My cousin didn’t even have any reference and when he drew, it was like magic. After he finished 3 canvases, he took a pic of them and edited them on the computer. He’s not very good at editing on the photoshop since he was asking questions about how to do this and that.

The result was surprisingly an animation. I don’t know about DOAO but I think it is Dead or Alive Online or something. It was a fan-animation where the story is about having a crisis about a plague and there was a flood in that place so what the characters did in that animation is try to survive and solve the mystery behind the calamity they were facing. The main character was a girl with short green hair who looks like she came from the 18th century. There was a boy about 12 years of age whose father looks like the captain of a ship since he was dressed like how Captain Hook does.

It was a very wonderful masterpiece my cousin made. I even asked how he did it since he worked fast like lightning. He called the background as canvas painting on his youtube channel. But then again it was just all a dream. The reason why I had this dream was because my brother plays DOA when I pass by his room sometimes.