Ideas for a new project.

Essentially there are four bionic superhumans, manufactured as a last-hope resort for a fight between the United Nations and a powerful terrorist group. Each was created and raised in a different background/environment, spanning all around the globe.

Project 1 was manufactured in the Middle East. She was trained while undercover in a group of all female Islamic preachers. When her original placement became too dangerous to continue her training, she was relocated to Sydney, Australia.

Project 2 was manufactured in Korea, but travelled all over East Asia for his training. Upon completion of various martial arts trainings, language/history studies, and other skills, he was returned to Seoul. He has attended schools in six countries.

Project 3 was manufactured in India, but was immediately relocated to the United Kingdom for his training. He has travelled through most of the European Union, but has not visited the country of his origin.

Project 4 was manufactured in Washington D.C., USA, and was trained by the country's own agents and scientists. She was later relocated to Los Angeles, CA, when an incident risked revealing her bionic background.