So I'm just going to make lists, because apparently that's what I like.

-Sabrina moved in this morning, and I awkwardly ate breakfast w/ Heike. Chilled at Henry for awhile.
-Lunch @ Hong Shing w/ Sabrina & the artsci kid, was VERY good food (but oily, rip face)
-Went to Eaton afterwards, unfortunately the $1 flip flops were sold out !!!! I found a cute jacket from the kids section at Zara and Uniqlo tho... might go back tmr to retrieve it (and maybe find a sweater to go with the skirt)
-Went to the dollar store to buy a recycling bin and a dish rack. Still missing lots of stuff -- hopefully someone can go to walmart with me to pick up the rest of the items.
-Went to MB to collect my boots and Gale's garbage can.
-Met w/ Kepler and walked to Chestnut (where lots of people proceeded to ask why he was purple), waited forever for the elevator and ended up taking the stairs.
-Walked back to campus afterwards and chatted, was fun
-Didn't end up eating dinner besides some melon, but I'm not hungry. Guess I'll make veggies-egg-rice tomorrow...
-listening to day6 and chilling AGAIN