09.01.18 6:24AM

The reason why I had this dream was because in the real world, there was Thunder and Lightning and there was a kid on my 3DS who was talking about Pokémon nonstop before I went to bed. And I was with my BFF hours before this dream happened. LUL

I dreamt about being a pokemon master. In my dream, there are like three men team as a group of adventurers. It was like a mix of Naruto and Pokemon world since they were wearing ninja clothes.

One team consists of Jessie as a teen like before her journey with James. They were talking about catching Pokémon. She saw a trapped Pikachu in a bottle which was found in the swamp.
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She handled it with care and released it from the bottle. This Pikachu has one ear that’s half and she took pity on the poor thing and tended for it and trained it specially. But after a while, it’s master came looking for it. Then it jumped off from Jessie’s arms and greeted its master. I remember it was called as “Picchu” with the double “c”. This is when I thought why Jessie is so obsessed with capturing Ash’s Pikachu.

I was with my BFF, Mei-chan, looking for Pokémon outside our houses in the grassy area. Then we were attacked by a Scolipede.
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It was horrifying since I hate how big and black it was. We saw it coming from the cliff crawling it’s way to get to us. Me and my BfF were terrified we might get attacked. I have Rockruff with me as my partner who always follows me around.
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But my BFF told me to use Pikachu (since I also have my own Pikachu) once we got to the basketball court to defeat Scolipede as we were running away from it and was after us. Then I chose Pikachu and told it to made electric moves such as Thunder Shock, Thunderbolt, and Thunder. I especially asked Pikachu to use Thunder since it was its most powerful move. The move Thunder came from the sky as I asked for it.

Then when my sister came out from the house. She was looking at me and my BFF weirdly like we were some kind of retards since we are already old. Then there was Mightyena who appeared after I defeated Scolipede. But after a successful Thunder power my sis came in between saying that me and my BFF should stop. When I want Pikachu to use Thunder it didn’t happen since I was blocked by my sister. And then our adventure stopped there.

I was asking my brother for the Pokemon cards he has but he told me that he gave it away to my disappointment.
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Me and my BFF swore that we’re gonna collect more Pokémon together.