On Wednesday, August the 15th I picked up Percival the two month old grey tabby from the humane society. Filling out the application took a lot of courage on my part... was I sure I wanted the responsibility of another pet? But I was lonely, and the moment I saw Percy I fell in love. Well... he was known as Ricky in the shelter, but I think anyone who knows me well enough will understand why I couldn't keep that name. At first I wanted to name him Miles (after my beloved Edgeworth, of course) but somehow it didn't really fit. So after some trial and error, and input from Britt and Aaron, the name Percy was born.

So Percy he is. And I love him to death. So far, he's everything I was hoping for in a kitten.

I find it some kind of spur of destiny that August 15th is the day after what would have been Samurai's birthday... no one will ever replace Sam in my heart, not ever, but Percy has his own place now. I promise I will always take care of him, no matter what. He's with me for life.

Life has been pretty good for me lately. I've been hanging out with my coworkers a lot, especially Jacques. It seems that after all the absurdity and pain of last summer, and being forced to get over him, he's come back around to having feelings for me. Which are not mutual. I care about him very, very deeply and I enjoy being around him, but... I really don't think we were meant to be. I don't love him that way. There's some romantic attraction, but not love. Not like the kind I feel for Matt.

I've been distracting myself with playing Kingdom Hearts, and have fallen in love with the series all over again. So far I've played KH1 (and beat it on Proud mode with a near 100% completion, at that) Chain of Memories, KH2, and now Birth by Sleep. Can I just say I am so, so glad I finally got around to playing BBS? After years of not finding the chance or inkling since the PSP I got specifically for playing it broke. I've finally started to catch up with some of the story, and wow, there are some things that genuinely shocked me and clicked into place. Getting to know Ventus, Aqua and Terra was a treat, albeit a bittersweet one since... they don't get treated very well by that game's universe. I really like Aqua and Terra a lot. JUSTICE FOR TERRA.

I still have a big crush on Axel of course, but .... damn, Saix has my attention more these days. He's a ******** hottie. Doesn't hurt that he's basically the same character as Ulquiorra. What can I say? I got a thing for cold moon men.

I have really got to force myself to go to bed soon since there's this stupid a** meeting in the morning I have to go to... then I have to go to work for the rest of the night. Groan. Tomorrow is not going to be a good time.