I think I've roughly perfected my soba noodles recipe at this point -- I'll be sure to write it down before I sleep tonight. Hence the title. Something to eat cold.

-Totally given up on this daily Gaia journal thing, apparently nothing interesting ever happens in my life so I gave up writing (though which is weird, because I've been quite busy lately...)
-Been playing Lake Kindred again -- realized it was cheaper to buy some kin equips than to train the kins myself, so naturally I spent some Plat on the equips and sold the kins.
-Think I dropped neopets? No urge to check it again, so yeah.
-Bean sprouts went bad, chucked it and the damaged wok down the trash chute today.
-Transported one box of winter clothing to Henry.
-Wanted to type up my written work into notepad... only to realize I had moved it to Henry as well...
-Hunting a new wallet on Amazon, since I've made quite a bit of gift card money taking pictures of random hiring signs on the street and at malls. (lit)
-Ninja's almost fully trained, kind of excited for that. Wonder what happens in the plot???
-Working (very slowly) on the summer report. Not sure if I want to do another literature review or not, it'd look really nice (also also prove that I actually did things this month), but like, I'm me and I procrastinate and I probably don't want to. I'll type up the report and such first I guess, and if there's time I'll do more work ._.