Behind Shaded Bangs
Censored for years.
How many times did the human body break into tears?
Blinded by innocence.
Naivety is the middle name.
Kindness drained away is their "fun" game.
There are no laws to break in this capsule.
Why is that?
Because there is an officer.
A collection of binding chains.
Inability to refuse anyone much older or younger.
Despise yourself.
Deprive your stomach of food and feed that imaginary monster they call "hunger."
My mind is its own officer.
My heart's desire a blur.
Restriction on back talking is still strong.
Many look at me and see the abuse as nothing wrong.
One of her roles behind helping others is being a door mat.
Letting them drain what is left of her and feeding themselves to the point of fat.
The constraints are a virus.
Nothing more than dousing my cuts with acidic juice of citrus.
-Snow that Flutters down like Feathers