Chapter 5:

(13th of Sun's Dusk)

Sara lets out a gasp of awe when they set foot into Labyrinthian. The outside of the ruins was indeed huge, all sets of stairways leading to different platforms and archways. The whole area was covered in snow as she walks slowly, a large ice troll turns to them and Sara didn't even lift a finger as Vilkas and Farkas take care of the beast. She raises her brow at them, but laughs softly. "So where's the door to this place?" Vilkas points up and they slowly reach a large door. However as she reaches the door she stops, seeing something in the corner of her eye. She takes a look to see a younger looking Savos, standing behind them. Only, she could see right through him, was she seeing things, or was this his spirit? She moves slowly to see five other spirits join him. By the look of them, they were all students of the Collage, so this had to have happened many years ago. Vilkas blinks as she just seems to look at something before he seems to figure out what it was as Farkas hides behind him. "Are they dangerous?" Vilkas shakes his head at this as the six spirits starts to talk. Savos talks first to an Argonian female. "Come on, we're finally here! Let's not waste any more time!" The lizard tilts her head. "Are we truly sure this is a good idea?" A female Redguard seems to step in. "We'll be back at the College before anyone even knows we're gone." A male Bosmer rolls his eyes. "You would care about that, since you're the Arch-Mage's favorite!" Savos seems to ignore this, he wasn't an Arch-Mage just yet. "Don't forget, this whole idea was Atmah's to begin with." The Redguard beams as a male Nord steps in. "Let's just get inside, see what's in there." They all agree, and disappear. Sara turns and pulls out the key to the door. She slides it in and with the help of the twins they were able to push the large door open and step inside. They find themselves in a dimly lit room, there wasn't much in here as they slowly move forward as she spots Savos again, standing near the only door out of this room as his friends join him.

"I can't believe we're doing this." Spoke a female Dunmer, she hadn't said anything out front. Savos just smiles brightly as he looks at his friends. "Can you imagine the looks on their faces when we come back?" The Nord lets out a huff. "You keep talking like you're sure we'll find something useful in here." "Hafnar, given the history of this place, it's more than likely there's still some amount of power here." The Bosmer male tells the Nord. Savos was almost jumping up and down. "Enchanted weapons, tomes of ancient knowledge, Shalidor's secrets themselves -- who knows what we could find!" The female Argonian looks down a bit. "And what if... What if there are things guarding this place?" Atmah lets out a low laugh. "Against six College-trained mages? I think we'll be fine." They were gone once again and Sara could only stand there. She couldn't ignore the sinking feeling she had, seeing these people the way they are, they did not survive this trip. Farkas still didn't seem to like this as he slowly looks around. " you think it means?" Sara pulls out her bow. "Stay on guard...if they'er spirits, then it's clear, they did not make it out of here alive.." Vilkas tilts his head. "Save Savos..well he died to my guess is now he's going his spirit will play a part on whatever transpired down here." They move slowly as Sara takes note to a few scattered bones. Sara stays behind as they move slowly to only come to a gate. They pull the chain to open it, the minute they wonder in, a small army of living skeletons. They weren't a problem, the problem was the large skeletal dragon that seemed to come out of nowhere. Her eyes go wide at this as she quickly pulls out her swords. "Well this is a first.." Dead or not, her sword Dragonbane can still take care of it as it somehow found way to use it's ice breath on them.

Sara rolls to the side as she got closer to the dragon and swings her blade at it's skull. She hits it with a loud *thunk* as her sword gets stuck in the thick bone. The electric enchantment the sword had did the trick however as it seem to jolt at the magic. She pulls her sword out and aims for the neck, breaking the bone there. It takes a few hits before it's head falls off and she steps back, panting deeply as Vilkas walks up to her. "You okay?" Sara nods as Farkas kills the last skeleton. "Never seen one like that before...did...did you take it's soul?" Sara shakes her head. "It's already dead, whatever power brought it back, didn't do it it was an undead dragon." She lets out a low sigh as they move forward. They find a small room with a tablet, the etchings made no sense but it wasn't long before they saw Savos, and only four others with him. The female Dunmer lets out a quiet sob. "We...we have to go back. We can't leave Girduin..." The Nord male just glares at her. "We barely made it out alive, and you want to go back in?" Atmah walks up to the dark elf. "It's too late. There isn't enough of him left to go back in after." Even the female Argonian was scared now. "Gods, what have we done?" Savos seems sad, but determined to move on. "We can't go back. Might as well go forward. We can still do this." Atmah nods at this. "Savos is right. We can make it if we just stay alert." They vanish once again as Sara could only shake her head. She spots a door and opens it, leading to a large chasm. They had to be careful here, most of the ground was just loose dirt and narrow pathways as they walk through the Earth. Most of the ruins didn't reach this area it seemed. As they walk a strange energy fills the room and she falls to her knees, feeling cold as a strange voice talks to them. "Wo meyz wah dii vul junaar?" Whatever this power was, it completely drained her Magicka, and she felt every bit of it. She pulls out a potion to help as Vilkas helps her up. "What was that?"

She could only shrug as she takes a small breath. "No idea, but it drained my magic...otherwise I'm not hurt." Farkas could only look around, holding hiss sword out. "Any idea what it said?" She looks up, tapping into the dragons souls that were a part of her. "Who comes to my dark least I think that's right, I'm still learning this.." They come to a strange door, blocked off by ice. She uses a fire spell against it and the door slides open for them. A single Draugr takes notice of them as Farkas takes the lead as he swings his blade out. It had been awhile since he got the chance to do something like this. She gets hit again by the strange aura as the voice speaks to them again. "Nivahriin muz fent siiv nid aaz het." She lets out a low groan as she shivers. "Gods...stop that!" She yells as more Draugr come out and Vilkas moves in to protect his wife since this strange voice kept draining her magic. At least it wouldn't kill her, but it seemed unpleasant for her to deal with. Once the narrow pathway was clear, Farkas rubs his head. "What did it say now?" She looks up as she thinks over every word that was aimed at her. "Cowardly men shall find no mercy here..." She could only give him another shrug as she drinks another potion. "Now if this thing would stop taking my magic, I'd like to keep moving...for crying out loud." They move slowly to make sure no one slipped as Farkas sees something ahead as he lets Sara go first. "What is that?" Sara takes a look, sitting on the floor of a large cave ahead, was a lightning rune. "It's a lightning rune, I'm surprised it's still sitting here..move back." They do as she takes a careful step back and aims a small fireball at it to deactivate it. The trap sets off, only shocking the surrounding walls. She makes sure to set off any other traps before moving on. At least they were back on solid ground here. The narrow pathways over the chasm was a bit much. They hear the voice again again, sounding angry. "You do not answer. Must I use this guttural language of yours?" Her eyes narrow a bit, not really knowing what to really say. "Well maybe I'd answer if you'd stop draining my magic!!"

She lets out a low sigh as they found a set of iron doors leading into the Thoroughfare. They seem to be following a stream now but the path turns into a tunnel as she spots a skeleton and she uses a weak fireball to kill it. They follow the path to a large solid room with a troll inside. Near by was a skeleton of a person, stripped clean of it's muscle and skin, whoever the poor soul was, the troll had eaten them. Vilkas and Farkas take care of it as they sit down and take a small break. She was more than happy to lean again Vilkas and closes her eyes for a bit. The few times the voice had been speaking to her, made her feel dizzy. She takes another potion to help her poor head as she tries to catch her breath. Farkas sits with them as he looks out the gates that separated the room they were in, and the room outside. "You alright there sis?" She gives him a small nod as Vilkas runs his hand through her hair. "I'll be okay, just glad I picked up some extra potions.." She hands over some food and they have a light lunch. Once she was feeling better they get up and they start to move forward again, only for her to feel the same feeling as before. "Have you returned, Aren? My old friend?" She growls as she holds onto Vilkas. "When we find this jerk, I'm going to kill him." They encounter a few more skeletons and soon they find themselves in a grave-sight. She blinks to see three wisp just flouting around. They moved in close, but didn't attack. Sara didn't like this as she spots a small set off stairs leading up as a spirit of a woman rises from the ground, and all hell breaks loose. A Wispmother, Sara had never seen one, but the gaze she got from this spirit was pure evil as she fights against it. Killing her, killed her wisp at least as the twins join her. They run into another door, blocked by fire magic this time. She uses a small frost spell as the flames go out and the door opens for them.

Another gale sweeps past them as she shutters. "Do you seek to finish that which you could not?" She frowns at this, she was going to run out of potions at this rate as she leans against Vilkas. "Hate that voice!" She looks up to see a cave in, so they go down a different path. Sara sighs deeply as she runs her fingers through her hair. They come to a room, thick with moss growing around the water that flowed into it from above. There was a gate on the floor, allowing the water to pour out. She stops however as she spots something ahead. It looked like a Draugr, but it looked like it was made of some kind of energy. " that?" Vilkas takes a look at the creature looks at them, a strange hound howls as it runs after them. It seemed to be made of the same strange blue energy as it leaps at Farkas, but he swings out his blade as quickly as he could. He soon learns he can hurt it as it's strange master comes out, holding a glowing sword. Vilkas takes care of the strange Draugr as he takes a closer look. Not even he could figure this one out so they move carefully through the stone hallways, keeping their eyes open for more of them. They find a new tunnel as she falls to her knees again as the voice echos. "You only face failure once more..." Vilkas wraps his arm around her as she sits there for a minute. "That's....getting really annoying..." She slowly gets back up to her feet again. The room seems to loop and head down for her to notice they were now under the gate they just walked over. They come across some normal looking Draugr for once. They come across some broken stairs in a small room to see Savos one again, the numbers were smaller, they lost another one. Savos looks to his remaining friends. "Come on, we can't stop now. We have to keep moving!"

Atmah looks up sadly as she looks around the room. "Where's Elvali? She was right behind me." The Nord lets out a low sigh. "Dead. Something grabbed her from behind. Gone before I could do anything." The Argonian lets out a low hiss. "This is insanity. We never should've come here." Atmah looks down, now crying. "You're right. This is all my fault. Should we turn around, head back?" The Nord shakes his head at this. "I don't think going back is a good idea." Savos seems to try to talk to his now frightened companions. "Going back would be the end of all of us. We keep pushing forward, and we'll make it. We will!"Atmah nods at this, looking to the others. "Come on, you can make it. Let's go." They were gone once again. Sara found it hard to believe that with the six of them, they seemed to be losing people left and right. "Gods it's like the whole Diablo thing, go in thinking it's a simple job only to lose people as we got into it..." Vilkas shakes his head as he finds the door leading into the Tribune. Now was a good as time as any to just get some rest. They pick a safe looking spot as she leans her back against the wall. It was hard to tell how long they had been down there, but thanks to that damn voice, she was feeling drained. She lays her head on Vilkas' lap as she moves her legs up. Farkas sits near by, rubbing his head. It wasn't long before Sara was asleep and Farkas chuckles. "I feel bad only she's getting bothered by this thing..." Vilkas sighs as he lays his hand on her head. "She's a mage, no doubt whatever this thing is knows this and is trying to keep her weak..." Farkas frowns at this as he keeps his eyes on her. "I hope she's okay..." Vilkas just smiles as he holds onto her. "She's strong, you've said so yourself." Farkas laughs at this and nods. Wasn't long before he lets out a yawn and curls up somewhere.

(14th of Sun's Dusk)

Once they were rested they entered the damaged catacombs of the Labyrinthian Tribune. The ground was covered in different kinds of mushrooms and a few dead Draugr, and one that was still very much 'alive' and moving. They run into a few more magical traps, set up with soul stones as she had to use her warding spell against it to knock out the soul stones throwing magic at them. Through a doorway at the end where the three spellcaster traps are, it appears to be a typical tower with stairs up on the left leading to another door that with a ramp up to a high level. As they walked through another door, they faced more of the Draugr, Vilkas and Farkas doing most of the fighting as Sara just crossed her arms a bit at them. They were both being protective of her now it seemed as she chuckles softly. The voice from before seems to echo through the walls again. "You... You are not Aren, are you? Has he sent you in his place?" Vilkas frowns at this as she drinks another potion to help her Magicka. She still had a few bottles, but if it didn't stop soon she was going to run out. They walk through some iron doors to a room with a throne, and a word wall. Sara walks up to it, placing her hand on it. She hears the all to familiar chanting of a word as it starts to show itself. It's power slowly starting to sink into her mind. "Tiid." She blinks a bit as she tilts her head. "Time...wonder what that means?" She rubs the back of her head as Farkas joins her. "Like old times aye?" She giggles as she nods. "Just keep your clothes on aye?" His eyes go wide as he looks at his twin. "It's not what you think!"

Vilkas chuckles softly at this. "She told me, when you shifted, she caught a glimpse...what's there to be angry about, you saved her from the Silver Hand?" Farkas just smiles at this as he stays close to Sara. " got a look and still fancied my brother?" She gives him a hard shove. "Will you, knock it off, I'll always see you as my brother Farkas.." He just smiles more as he gives her a bear hug and she lets out a low sigh. They move on, Farkas now staying at her side as they walk. She was always fond of the large Nord. He had been the first friend she had made when she joined them. They move slowly, not really running into much aside from a few skeletons. As they reach a room with a door, they see Savos once again, this time, only two others were with him. They had lost the Argonian and Atmah was steaming as she looks at Savos. "We shouldn't have left her there to die!" Savos gives her a sad look. "What else could we do? Stay there and die with her? She refused to go on, we didn't have a choice!" The Nord looks up slowly. "This is it, you know. Through this door. Can you feel it?" Atmah lets out another sob. "We're not going to make it, are we?" The Nord comes out of nowhere and holds onto her. "We stay together, no matter what. Agreed?" Atmah nods at him slowly. "I'll be right with you." Savos just nods at them, crossing his arms. "Agreed. We all stay together." After that, they were gone once again.

They enter the large room and to her surprise, the same two spirits she saw, Atmah and the Nord, stood on two separate platforms, using their magic to hold back a Dragon Priest. She ran into one that was guarding the gate to Sovngarde. It reminder her to much of the lich's she had to deal with back home. "I have an idea...come on." She finds her way up the stairs to the platform to where the undead priest was, a powerful force field keeping it in place. "Ready your swords men.." They nod as they surround the creature and wait. Sara aims her bow, killing the two spirits holding the priest and the moment he was free, both Vilkas and Farkas attack before it even had the chance to attack. Once dead it drops it's staff, and it's mask. She slides the staff on her back, knowing that this was what they were looking for. She also takes the mask, like the last one she had picked up, it had a name and it's own enchantment. "Morokei...I hope you get lost in Oblivion you jerk!" Vilkas shakes his head at her as they find away over the large gate blocking the path. The last thing they see is Savos, alone. "...I'm sorry, friends. I'm so sorry! I had no choice! It was the only way to make sure that monster never escaped! I promise you, I'll never let this happen again! I'll seal this whole place away..." He was gone once again, Sara spots a chest and loots it before they move on ahead, wanting out of this place now.