Chapter 4:

(12th of Sun's Dusk)

Sara moves slowly as they followed a ramp leading upwards. She moves to the side as she sees a pressure spot on the floor. "Keep your eyes down..." Vilkas sees the trap as he follows her movements to see a dead mage not far. She frowns a bit, checking his body for anything. "He's been dead for a day or so.." She sees the slash marks on him, it was facing away from the trap so he was on his way back she guessed. At the entrance to the next large room, they encountered two Dwarven spider workers. The strange metal creatures click as they turned against them. Sara used her magic, using shock to stall them long enough for Vilkas to swing his sword at one. It crashed against the wall as he slashes into the other. Two more spiders came out as they moved forward and Sara stayed behind Vilkas, shocking them with her magic. She pulls out a Magicka potion as she takes a small drink. Health potions always had a bitter taste, Magicka was more, spicy in a way. Not in a bad way, but it always made her feel slightly better. "You know, I never though what this stuff does to a unborn child." Vilkas rubs his chin as he gives it some thought. "Probably doesn't do harm since it was made to heal and give you back your energy." She nods as she places the bottle back in her bag. It didn't seem to bother her, so that was a good thing. They see two doors and Sara opens one to find another ramp. More of the Dwarven spiders step to leap out of the pipes that poked out of the walls. Vilkas just moves to the side as she aims a strong shock spell at the damn things. He had to admit, it worked wonderfully against them, it seemed to disrupt however they worked. She soon figures it out when she pulls out a soul stone and shows it to him. "Explains how they stay powered for so long..kind of makes sense..Gods I wonder how they figured this out." He could only shrug at this.

They enter a new room with a Chaurus eating yet another researcher that had come here. The large black insect turns to them, shooting it's poison at them. Sara found she could block it with a warding spell just long enough for Vilkas to aim his bow at the thing. It takes a few hits before it shutters and dies. She had read a bit about the bug like creatures, they were often kept by Falmer as guards and she shivers. This only meant that the blind elves were indeed down here somewhere. They soon enter a tunnel carved into the rock as she sees a tripwire. She looks up and slowly cuts it as a rumble of rocks fall in front of them, rolling down the hill. "Damn's a good thing I always look down when I walk.." Vilkas had never noticed till now. "It's a good habit.." "I did it when I was younger, I always found loose gold, and other things so I kept doing it.." She moves through the rocks slowly as she sees the cave turn to the right slightly. She keeps her hands up just in case as she moves slowly. "It does come in handy." The tunnel doesn't last for long and the architecture starts to show more Dwemer traits again. Just as they walk into a new room a large metal ball rolls over to them as she jumps back. "Dwarven Sphere!" It springs up as it swings it's sword at her. She jumps back just in time as it tries to roll after her. She brings her hands up to give it a taste of her magic as it seems to jolt at the sudden burst of electricity. Vilkas quickly swings out his blade and cuts off it's head, making it fall into a heap of broken metal. She lets out a low sigh, this place was going to drive up the wall quickly. After following a few more ramps and pathways they make it to a door with the body of a dead Falmer near it. "Oh joy...because we didn't get enough of them in Blackreach."

She opens the door to find themselves in a boilery of sorts. She shivers when they walk in, she could only guess just what might be hiding down here. At least she was able to use her candlelight spell since the Falmer were blind anyways and wouldn't really notice. It was so dark they both needed the bit of light to figure out which way to go. She was surprised to see the remnants of two Dwarven spiders and a sphere guardian litter the floor. She looks up just in time to see a Falmer elf now far, it's large bald head tilted up as it sniffed the air. She frowns as she pulls out her bow, both her and Vilkas taking aim and killing it before it caught on it wasn't alone. She felt bad for them, they had to had once been beautiful creatures. But after countless years of living underground as slaves to the Dwemer and enduring years of torture, turned them into the monsters before them. It turned into a cave once again, still water was used for the Chaurus to lay their eggs into it. The cave was lit with dozens of glowing mushrooms. She picks a few to try her hand at making potions. It never really hurt to try something new. She keeps her bow out as she sees a Chaurus not far off, it's many legs clicking against the floor. Vilkas swings out his blade just in time to slash into his soft underside. The Falmer catches their scent and before long the whole cavern was now full of them. "s**t, duck." Vilkas was quick to hid behind his wife as she takes in a deep breath. "FusRoDah!" Her Thu'um echos through the whole cavern as a good number of Falmer get knocked back. A few die when they hit the surrounding walls and huts they lived in. Those that survived were easily picked off by the two of them. Sara behind careful on not letting the Falmer get to close to her. It seems to take awhile before they seem to return once again to a more Dwemer architecture and soon they stop for a moment, before making sure it was clear. She finds a spot to lean back as she closes her eyes. "My God this place is wonder those mages had such a hard time getting through..." Vilkas just nods slowly as he rubs his eyes. They both needed a break before moving on and took turns sleeping for a bit.

(13th of Sun's Dusk)

They got up early as they find their way into a new room. The Aedrome was full of the Falmer and a few dead mages within as well. Sara was quick to cover Vilkas as they take care of the large number of the elves as she finds something odd on their leader. She pulls out an odd looking crystal wonder if this was what the mage at the front had told her about. She keeps it as she tries the door, to find it locked. She takes a peak at the look and groans. "We need a key..." She turns her head to see a path leading deeper into the room. "Lets go see if we can't find a key for this stupid door." He follows after her to find themselves in a odd room. It had seats that moved up the room and down below was a old looking desk. It reminded her of an old classroom of shorts as she looks around. "Man now I really do wish I could learn more about the Dwemer.." She spots another door, leading to a single room with a Dwarven Sphere that quickly springs up the minute they come in. She was honestly starting to hate these things with a burning passion as they took it out as quickly as they could. Once it stopped attacking she sees a table off to the side with an old looking key on it. It was the only one so she picks it up to head back to the locked door. They move down a large hallway, there was a door to the left but she goes forward to yet another locked door and she kicks at it. She was about to walk away before she hears a voice. "Gavros, is that you, hang on let me open the door.." Before she could say a word a single Synod mage as he looks at her, raises his hands.

"You're not Gavros..what did you do to him, who are you?" Sara holds out her hands to try to calm him down. "My name is Sara, the Falmer killed your friend.." He lets out a low sigh as he looks down. All this work seemed to go down the drain. "Damn...all this work for nothing...if only I knew what happened to Focusing Crystal..." Sara pulls out the thing she had found. "Is this it, a Falmer had it." His eyes seem to light up as he takes it from her. "Why are you here anyways?" She rolls her eyes at the mage. "I'm looking for something, and we need to use the...Oculory to find it..." He seems to glare at her a bit until he sees her amulet. " I apologize..wait you're from Cyrodiil...I know you.." He lets out a low gulp as he quickly bows his head to her. "Please forgive me, I had no idea!" She walks over to him as she pats his back. "There there, so why don't you tell me what it is you're working on..." He seemed more than happy to walk with her up the steep ramp as they made their way up the main mechanism on the second floor. He tells her, the way this one worked was that it would show a map of the whole area. It would light up as the night sky but he had yet to test it out until now. So she places the crystal on into it and soon the lights seem to shine on the walls around them. It takes her a minute to figure out how this worked. She had to use a bit of magic to focus the lights to a certain point before making her way to a control panel to move the walls until the lights seem to shine off a mirror. It seems to work, but not the way Paratus wanted it to work. It seemed to be highlighting the Collage and one other spot. He seemed angry at this as she asked what it could mean. He takes a look as he sighs. "From what I can tell, there's something powerful hiding underneath the Labyrinthian..." Vilkas turns pale at the sound of that as she soon leaves the room. "You've heard of it?" "'s to dangerous my love.." She gives him a small smile. "We'll talk to Savos ans see what he thinks.."

They head to the only door they had yet to go through when a mage from the Psijic Order. He just lets her know she was on the right tract it seemed before he teleport's out of the room. Vilkas blinks at this, he still used the time slow spell it seems and it left Vilkas confused. She just gives him a small smile as she unlocks the door and they find a quicker rout to the front door. She was so happy to be outside once again, to see it was a new day. She just enjoys the warmth of the sun for a bit as Vilkas stands with her, his arms snaking around her. She leans into him for a moment before she starts to walk back north. She already knew trying to teleport to the Collage would be pointless thanks to the Eye. "So tell me about Labyrinthian.." Vilkas takes a small deep breath as he walks with her. "It's one of the largest Nordic ruins here in Skyrim, no one has been in there for many years, it's doors have been locked for as long as I can remember.." He rubs the back of his neck as he looks up. "Other than that me and my brother once explored the outside once, all we found were ice trolls, but you can feel a powerful energy coming from that place..." He didn't seem to like the idea of going back, but for now they would just head back to the Collage to let Savos know where the staff was hiding and how to get in if the place really was locked up like Vilkas said. It takes them a few hours to get back to the Collage and when she walked into the Hall of Elements she was surprised to see the way into the main hall had been blocked by a powerful force of some kind. Mirabelle was casting any spell she could think of at it as Savos seemed angry it was still blocking the way. "What is this?" Mirabelle turns to her, stopping her magic. "I don't know. It's like a ward, but who's casting it? Ancano? How?" Savos rolls his eyes at this.

"I don't care what it is, I want it down now! I want to know what he's doing in there!" She turns her eyes to him. "Err, well, before anything we did learn where the staff is." "Excellent. I'd suggest that we go retrieve it immediately, but right now we have more pressing matters. Ancano has somehow locked himself in the hall. He's up to something, and I intend to put a stop to it. Help us get through this, will you? We're throwing everything we have at it." Sara shrugs at this and soon joins them in throwing what magic she could and after a minute or so it gets weak and opens to them as they slowly enter the room. Sure enough Ancano was using his magic on the orb somehow as Savos slowly walks up to the Altmer, holding his hands out. "Ancano! Stop this at once! I command you!" Mirabelle frowns at this. "Don't go near him!" But before anything could happen everything goes bright and Sara remembered nothing else. Vilkas had been outside when the room when it got bright all of a sudden and covers his eyes. He was spared from the magical blast as he sees Sara on the floor and Mirabelle was leaning against a pillar, holding her side in pain. Vilkas runs up to his wife first to make sure she was at least breathing before the poor thing lets out a cough. "Ow..." She slowly gets up to see Ancano had once again seemed to replace the force field back around himself, his magic once again connecting to the orb. "We...need to get that...staff before he blows up the joint.." Vilkas helps her to her feet slowly, making sure she was okay. She had only been knocked down, but the force surprised her. She walks over to Mirabelle who looks up at her. "I'm fine...please, find Savos.." Sara blinks, looking around the room to see the front door was wide open. "Oh boy.."

They rush outside to find Savos outside near the statue that sat in the middle of the courtyard, dead. Tolfdir walks up to her slowly as the others gathered, stocked. "I have no idea what just happened, but that blast...the town is now under attack." She turns to Vilkas as they run off to see just what was going on. Seems the power of the Eye had created strange magical anomalies that were now swarming the town. A few members of the Collage were now trying to face them off. Sara joins the fight to make sure these things wouldn't attack the townspeople. The Collage already had an uneasy relationship with the town as it was. Vilkas tries to do his best, but hitting the strange lights were a lot harder then it looked. They moved quickly and it reminded him of trying to kill those damn wisps. They had to be even more careful, because when one died, it unleashed a powerful magical blast that hurt and soon Sara started to notice a few cuts on her face. They couldn't stop however until everyone of the Anomalies were dead and Sara pants deeply. Vilkas runs to her side, a bit upset she had overdone it. He makes sure to give her a healing potion before returning to the Collage to let Mirabelle know the town was safe. She was looking a lot better now as she lets out a low sigh. "We need to get inside Labyrinthian." The mage blinks up at Sara. "What? Are you...Are you sure? The staff is there?" Sara tilts her head at this. "Aye...why are you so surprised?" Mirabelle slowly gets onto her feet. "Savos, before he died... He gave me something just a little while ago. He told me it was from Labyrinthian, and that I would know what to do with it when the time came. I think...I think he meant this for you, then. I'm not sure why, but there was something very personal about it for him. Bring back that staff before Ancano brings the whole College down around us." Mirabelle hands over something. "The Torc of'll open the door." It looked like a broken door knocker but Sara just nods. "Thank you."

The large ruins were just north of Whiterun. So it wouldn't hurt to go there first to stock as much as they could before going through the ruins. Vilkas had no idea just how large the inside was, since the outside was so vast. So Sara heads out of the Collage into Winterhold before she was able to teleport them to the training yard behind Jorrvaskr. This time they end up scaring one of the new member Merella, the small elf placing her hand on her heart. Sara felt rather guilty for scaring the Bosmer. "Sorry, I do that.." Merella just looks at her, surprised. "How did you do that, I know magic...but I've never seen anything like that before.." Sara just smiles at the elf. "I can teleport, comes in handy, still kind of scares the husband.." Vilkas frowns at this as he shakes it off. "I'm...aye, I still don't like it, but it's safer." She smiles at how protective as she kisses him. "Come on you.." He smiles warmly at this as they head for the market place. He spots Farkas, just kind of staring at a few rings. Vilkas wonders up to his twin, surprising the large Nord. "What are you doing?" Poor Farkas jumps a mile as he looks at Vilkas. "Brother, when did you get back.." Vilkas chuckles softly. "Just now, so dare I ask again?" Farkas looks down as he shuffles his boots into the dirt. "I wanted to get a ring for Merella..." Since she had gotten there and became a member of the Companions, he had slowly started to grow fond of the wood elf. Vilkas smiles at this as he helps his brother out. "So when's the wedding?" Farkas blushes as he hangs his head. "I still need to ask her, but I wanted to find a ring..." He shrugs a bit thinking it would mean more then just the normal rings the temple handed out.

Farkas was always a helpless romantic at times. He would fall easily for any girl with pretty eyes. But as he got older he started to grow out of that faze and wanted to do something meaningful. Sara let the men be as she did her own shopping. She managed to score some ebony arrows and a new ebony bow that had a strong fire enchantment on it. Adrianne was more than happy to help out Sara since the woman always paid a fair deal for the weapons. She also made sure to have some extra potions and made a few for herself before finding Vilkas still standing with Farkas. Sara tilts her head to see Farkas was looking at rings. "Shopping brother?" He smiles wide as he pulls her to his side. "Help me find a ring for Merella~" She raises her brow at this, but laughs. "Alright calm down.." Fralia just smiles at them, she was in no rush after all. These boys had saved her son after all. Sara picks out a lovely looking silver ring with an ruby set into it. "Get her this one, she'll love it." Farkas looks it over and soon nods, trusting her judgement on this one. "Good luck and let us know when you set a wedding date." He blinks as he looks up. "You're not staying?" Sara turns to Vilkas as she shakes her head. "We need to get into Labyrinthian and find a staff, if I could put it off I would, but it's important.." Farkas just looks at her wide eyed. "You found a way inside..?" Sara nods as she holds the 'key' to the place and he seems to perk at this. "You want to join don't you?" He gives her a nod, he always wanted to see the inside of the ruins. She giggles at this as she smirks. "You can come if you can get ready." He was gone in a flash before he returned in his gear. Vilkas smirks at this as they soon head off, Farkas can just ask Merella once they get back.