Terra’s feelings for beast boy (original Teen Titans show):

I’ve recently rewatched teen titans beginning to end, & I’ve got a lot of conflicting thoughts about Terra’s feelings on beast boy. There is no denying that beast boy loved terra. After all, he was the only one who wanted to give her a second chance, always had faith in her, & his feelings remained the same even after it was revieled that Terra betrayed the teen titans. However, terra fails to follow suit to show her love to him. It’s not like I dislike or hate this ship. I think their date was cute & want beast boy to be happy & like I said, I do think he really loves terra. But to me, terra only saw him as a good friend.

Questions definitely where raised with what Slade told beast boy. In short, he told him that terra never truely loved her, but only pitted him. Terra was there with him as Slade was upsetting beast boy & giving him doubts about her feelings for him. Of course Slade is the bad guy, & bad guys usally aren’t above lying to get what they want & Slade has shown that he’s no different. However Slade usally can pick up on robin’s feelings, & had gotten terra on his side by showing that he does understand her.

What Slade said is the least of my worries though. Like I said, beast boy has shown genuine unconditional love for terra. However in my opinion, terra has continually failed to do the same. She’s betrayed him & never told him, she fought him like all the other titans when they tried to give her another chance, remembered the titans together evenly once she thought she got rid of them & he & Slade took over the city, & only when Robin repeated what beast boy told her did she try to attack Slade even with his control on her. This doesn’t mean terra is mean for doing these things, but to me it shows her ‘love’ for beast boy amounts the same to everyone in the teen titans. Otherwise there’d be more focus on beast boy when she & Slade took over the city, there’d be more regret & emotion when having to fight beast boy when he’s trying to get her a second chance, & beast boy alone would’ve given her enough courage to get through slades control on her.

Now the last episode shows this even more. Beast boy saw terra & went out of his way to see her when in a middle of a fight. She stayed & waited for her when she was in class. Even the time away, beast boy still felt the same for her. But while she Initially went to hangout with beast boy, nothing beast boy did or said convinced her to go back to how things where, & left him behind for her new life. Also:
Beast Boy: Why can't things just go back to the way they were? You were so happy then.
'Terra': Things were never the way you remember.
Again, this can go back to what Slade said about beast boy not understanding how she feels.