Feels something crawling up her shin. Hikes her skirt a bit to find out that it is a black carpenter ant. Stares at it for a while. It pauses above her bare foot, as if known it was being watched. After a moment of inactivity she carefully clutches the insect between her thumb and index finger. It comes to life, wriggling it's tiny little front leg's against her finger nail. She stares at it, watching it's mandibles opening and closing as if it were gasping. Curious she moved her other finger just close enough to it's head, to see if it would bite. It bit onto her finger nail briefly and released, still wriggling. Paid a bit more attention to it and only it, until she could hear the faintest sounds of it's legs scraping against her finger nail's edge. It was moving desperately, trying to get out of her overwhelming thumb and index finger, alas he was bit an ant and was helpless at her mercy. She pitied him and hated that her curiosity was doing this to him. He was a pest and had to be removed... "I can't allow you to live here... but I don't want to kill you..."

Goes outside, carefully not crushing the ant to death in her hand. On an old broken VCR atop a line of outdoor cupboards she sets her hand down, letting go of the ant. It didn't leave, it instead ran up her finger, she intercepted it's path as it ran up her hand with her other hand's finger. It crawled a top and she eventually had to flick it onto the VCR, then watched it scurry to the edge and rest beneath the panel. All she could see was it's legs sticking out as it