does an old af plan that was obviously not going to work really count as me being toxic?

The whole thing wasn't even my idea to begin with... My hubby and I were going to wait and see if his jackass of a father was going to keel over so his brother could sell the gun collection and allow us to stop struggling financially. It sounds bad at first I'll admit, but here's the thing:

This man constantly stole money from my hub's grandmother
Stole our car and flat out tried to run away with it
Showed up to our house WHILE EMERGENCY SERVICES WAS TAKING HER OUT THE DOOR (I s**t YOU NOT) after we found her dead that morning, and his only concern was "Hey do you have any money". LIKE ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!?!?
He's done a plethora of many more atrocities but I really don't wanna dwell on it because of how angry I get but yeah.

How does any of that make me toxic? I figured it was some other reason like I like getting attention every now and then or some s**t but no. that was the reason? I needed to rant since my drunk a** has nothing better to do at 1:30 in the morning so ******** it.

No ill will, you know who you are, but seriously? Rethink this and hmu. I doubt you will but might as well try.

(edit: was drunk when I posted this. ******** it)