I mostly just appreciate conversation in general, but I entertain the idea of RPs from time to time, which is why I'm making this journal post. I am very highly selective. Intelligence and respect will get you everywhere.

I prefer to let things unfold organically, rather than break the fourth wall right out the gate. We can discuss boundaries and such when (if) those issues arise.

I have three centaurean RPCs, Misaki, Bayan, and Juno.

Juno (avatar) is the curious and adventurous daughter of the chief of a woodland tribe. Naive, may or may not have met humans or other nonhuman creatures before. Playful, headstrong, instinct-driven, a promising huntress.

Misaki (jet black skin, equine half shines dark brown in the sun, as well as her human head of hair.) A farmer on the edge of a mid-sized rural community that, while friendly, hasn't quite figured out the acceptance of nonhuman creatures. Warm, pragmatic, hardworking, a little lonely. Best peaches for 50 miles.

Bayan (dapple grey body, white skin, extremely long hair that shifts to blue and purple hues towards the end. golden body tattoos.) A nomadic desert mystic. Stoic, soft-spoken, might actually just be crazy. On a spirit journey involving psychoactive cacti roughly 40% of the time.

I should be able to tell from context which you've chosen. I am open to starters from both human and non-human characters of any gender, we'll just see how it goes. If I'm not interested in engaging, I will reply with gaia_moon to let you know.

Do feel free to ask me questions about my characters, I welcome curiosity and new opportunities to discuss them. I just don't like discussing roleplay details prior to the fact. You wouldn't go up to someone IRL and lead with "so uh what are your boundaries? what kind of interaction are we going to have? let's set some guidelines."

Just approach me/them naturally and we'll see where it goes.